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I just smoked for my first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sage4, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. The other day i just smoked for my first time. I used a bong and at first i got really happy laughed a lot. I was with a girl i liked so it also made me really compelled to hug her and touch her in general. But later on i started to go down i guess and i just got really serious and found my self bringing stuff up in conversation like deep emotional relationship stuff that i would never bring up in normal circumstances. Is this normal?
  2. different weed has different highs...but....yep. Pretty much.
  3. Yeah, I can be really deep sometimes when I smoke. My friend especially does always as well.
  4. happens all the time when i drink when im high. smoking makes u think up some crazy shit. drinking makes u tell that shit to people. not always good.
  5. It also can make you more psychic. So you may frequently start talking to someone and they'll be thinking the exact same thing. Or you'll say something at the same time as someone else. Everyone is 'psychic' to a degree. Some more than others. In some people, weed as well as other natural substances can potentiate a given person's telepathic communication ability and make them much more sensitive to subtle things.
  6. i cant say i've ever become more psychic but crazy shit do be happenin to me when i smoke sometimes, like i understand things that i never would have, and like understand universe questions and shit idk its odd.
  7. THC alters the natural flow of signals in your brain. Someone once eplained this to me as new doorways being opened between the creative and the logical part of the brain or whatever. Maybe this allows us to understand and analyze what goes on in our creative mind better, and an effect of this is completely fucked up ideas and theories that make complete sense when we're high.

    Makes sense to me. At least when i wrote it.
  8. hah im just wandering if it wasnt embarrasing from a sober eye. like did it increase your charm and charisma to a good height, or was it too much

  9. nice my friend! :hello: get some booty
  10. different types of bud give you different types of high
    regs always get me paranoid sum more & sum less but i always get a bit paranoid with regs
    piff (wut we call haze in nyc) gives me sumwhat of an i dont wanna move body high
    sour d gives me the illest uncomfortable just wanna laugh and eat the whole house high
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I was kinda worried i might be a rarity with those symptoms.

    yep, thats basically what happened to me but without the alcohol
    I didnt really experience this at all, it was more like i got in a mindset where i got deep into myself and started talking about stuff between us and make connections on things i hadnt before.
    I didnt really act out of the ordinary too much. i just more admitted things i hadnt wanted to at the time. Wasnt really embarassing more like awkward.
    haha, not what happened but funny stuff.
    Thanks, ill keep that in mind
  12. yay firs ttime msoker...did you have fun at least?
  13. When you first start smoking is an exciting time. You will experience many different highs, good weed, bad weed, weed of all diffferent colors, etc. Enjoy it while your tolerance is low enough to where weed can knock you off your ass and put you in very different moods.

    Try being adventurous. Go out into the wilderness and smoke, smoke with different people, try different methods (joints, blunts, bongs, pipes, vaporizer, etc.), whatever.

    But once you start smoking everyday like I do, you'll start to find that smoking is not as fun as when you first start. But don't let me discourage you. There's always ways to keep it fun, I'm just saying tolerance will play an issue later. But for now, just enjoy your smoking experience and welcome to the wonderful world of marijuana!
  14. Made me lol. But hey, i like touching girls in general 2. Especially when im baked.:hello:
  15. dont worry about it, its percfectly normal.
  16. Yeah its pretty much normal, weed can have a broad spectrum of effects in terms of emotions. Sometimes when im blazed its like a less intense ecstasy effect, where i feel like being all honest and emotional and touchy-feely. Other times it seems to ramp up my charisma and charm to where i can think of the perfect way to act and exactly what to say. Other times it makes me flat out fucking ridiculous where i'm just acting totally fucked up and have zero game whatsoever. It varies greatly depending on a huge variety of factors, not just the strain of weed or method of smoking.

    PS - As I say this I am feeling in a pretty honest, talkative emotional stoned state, which is honestly the only reason i took the time to read this thread and type this response lol
  17. yeah i had a good time, id say it was worth it. id do it again if i had the money.
    thanks for the intro. ill be sure to experiment and get the most out of the experience while i can.
    yeah, being baked i guess i was extra touchy. hehe
    Haha well thanks for taking the time to read the post and your answer was very informative.
  18. First time I smoked I sat in a chair for 2 hours with nonstop thoughts RACING through my head. It was also the time I probably stared at my gf's ass for a good 5 minutes straight.

    I didnt think I was high the first time I smoked but I demolished a bowl of stale hard as rock 1 day old popcorn that was sitting in the kitchen. It tasted heavenly

  19. LOL!!!! :laughing:
  20. :eek:

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