I just popped 2.5mg of xanax after drinking a 40oz....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InnerPeace, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. ...I think a darwin award will be in my future! Does it mix with alcy? holy fucking shit.
  2. I've survived far worse and so have probably most of the people here. It's not a good idea at all and not something you should make a habit of, but you'll be fine.

    Unless you're a midget with an incredibly weak liver perhaps....
  3. Oh shit... I'm 5'7(could be considered a midget in somee peoples opinion). And, I feel really kick back right now, it's been like a 1/2 hour and I'm definatley not regretting what I just ingested. Good vibes my friends, tomorrow I'll be able to "cleanse my system" with some kush:smoking:
  4. i hope you dont have to drive, go out in public, don't have anything important to lose, dont have a lot to do tomorrow...the list goes on
  5. Meh I've done 2mg and 2 bottles of wine once. You'll be fine.
  6. you just won't remember this thread tomorrow! have fun, wherever the wind takes you
  7. damm that brings back so many memories,benzos and alcohol do not mix

    its like a alcohol potentiator,you drank a 40 and took 2 and a half mgs of xanax,so its like you just drank 3 40s
  8. Man I wish I could get some xannies. I bet you'll be feeling goooood.
  9. Just to be safe, dont fall asleep for awhile..
  10. omg... I do not remember typing that. I'll tell you what I slept like a damn baby, felt good as new this morning:D

  11. called it.
  12. that just sounds like a fun night. props.
  13. Oh my god, are you serious? YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!


    C'mon people.

  14. Thanks, I think if you haden't posted this now, he would have gotten all worried yesterday.

    Could you have at least given him some useful information? I don't think anyone SAID he would die, looks like you went to pick a non existant fight.

    What you said is just as helpful as telling someone with a slashed jugular they'll be fine... pluhese, who do ya know that ever died of that?:rolleyes:
  15. Oh shut the fuck up, you're always saying that my advice is as useful as helping someone kill themselves, yet I don't see anyone dying and I get more than a few fucking PM's thanking me.

    I'm not picking a fight with anyone either, I just find it ridiculous that people freak out over such small doses. Could you sense the sarcasm in my post or does simple shit escape you?

  16. You TRIED to be sarcastic. You failed. I'm not always telling you that, I think the advice you give, when you actully give any, is great, we need more people who do that. When you post anything BUT advice, you come off as quite an asshole.

    Bottom line: wrong, and don't put words in my fucking mouth.

    Oh, just so's you know, your neg rep does nothing.
  17. Just so you can read it again.
  18. What are you on your second username talking shit back and forthLol. dude. I was freaking out because I know pills(xanax especially) don't mix with alcohol and I happen to love life;too young to die. :smoking:

    *so blazed*
  19. funny how people gotta argue bout such stupid shit....mainly pinball-weeny
  20. this whole fucking thread fails. i'm so sick of reading these threads about people taking combo's, dangerous or not. these twits take the drugs, and then ask if he'll be ok. if OP's of these threads had half a brain, they'd check out the danger first and then maybe take the drugs.
    all these threads are is "look at me, i just took drugs and i'm cool". it's a cry for attention, nothing more.

    it doesn't take a genius to figure out, ask questions first then take the drugs. if you do it the other way around you might find yourself in the er getting your stomach pumped.

    but yeah i just had a cigarette and drank a pot of coffee.....am i going to die? i'm scared. -rep for another one of these stupid threads.

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