I just need to get this off my chest.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sad Panda, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. FUCK the fucking police. Take your fucking bullshit away from peaceful stoners!! \"Probable cause\" my foot up all of your stupid fucking asses! Read the 4th amendment sometime, you could really learn something, fucktards!

    Fucking piece of shit pigs.

    *ahem* That was so necessary.
  2. I\'m glad you got that off your chest.

    Now for my comment. ;)

    They have a duty to enforce the laws. That\'s their job and a lot of them don\'t so much like enforcing the laws that we are against when it comes to MaryJane. I think \"Fuck the Laws\" is a better route to go although I understand your frustration because if the pigs hadn\'t have busted you breaking the stupid ass laws that our government has made then you wouldn\'t be in the middle of the shit you are in right now. I think that our reps with no balls should fuck off. If they had the balls to stand up and vote our way then Sad Panda wouldn\'t be mad right now. We now have a Mad Sad Panda...can you imagine a vicious, moody Panda....SCARY!!!!

  3. Yeah, I know it isn\'t entirely the pigs\' fault that they sometimes have to do their duty and arrest people for marijuana.

    I guess I was referring more to the fucking dickhead cops you arrested me after illegally stopping me (though with \"probable cause\" I\'ll have a fat chance of proving that in court). They were TOTALLY getting off on busting me. They were fucking smarmy and chuckling little cocksuckers (I don\'t mean that in a homophobic way, just as a synonym for asshole/bastard/fucker), and that\'s why I say fuck the police. Not all the police, just the fuckhead coward police who break the law to arrest a pothead and claim it was \"probable cause\". The ones who get a fucking power trip from being the big powerful cop.

    THOSE motherfuckers.
  4. that blows. u should drive round blasting N.W.A. - Fuck tha Police.
  5. *every* time that I have been pulled ovewr, it\'s been in what I call a DWL sityuation, or driving with long hair. Cops will be going the opposite direction, turn aropund, then follow me till I do something wrong! Isn\'t there something useful for them to do besides bust harmless pot heads with three grams of pot? Damn.

  6. Hey guys...just a reminder...If they search your car due to probable cause, they have to get a warrant to look in your glove compartment if it\'s LOCKED! Last night, I went to pick up more than I should have...so I put it, along with the paraphernalia that I should NOT have had on me and my 9 in my glove compartment and locked it before I started driving again. I\'m not for sure if that is for every state but I almost think that it is. Just keep your stuff in your glove compartment and keep it locked if you absolutely have to have anything in your car for any reason.

    I need to find the original thread...I don\'t remember what the \"probable cause\" was for you, Panda.
  7. i totally understand your frustration sadpanda... but it is a teensy bit misdirected. DONT KILL THE MESSENGER, as the saying goes, and like rumjil was tellin ya. But i\'d go one more logical step further and also say, DONT KILL THE MESSEGE. Its not the cops, or the laws, its the law makers. so, KILL THE MESSEGE ORIGINS, or, law makers in this case. :D

    Fuck the politicians! Fuck those self serving, greedy, mega-lo-maniacal, power hungry, capitalist fascist FUCKTARDS! (i like that word now ;))

    oh and one other point in relation to rumjil\'s last post there,

    Never have i met anyone who better understands the term \"empowerment\" and shows it through her actions than rumjil. get the knowledge people, and you can no longer be trampled upon by the fascist piggies..... that is, until the piggies start to read the Patriot act, or have it explained to them, cos then they\'ll realise they own your ass and you have no real rights worth speaking off. but they\'ve never understood the laws anyways (the vast majority of them anyways), that\'s unlikely to change much, so its easier than you think to become more knowledgable than them to protect yourselves. empowerment people... look it up. :D
  8. My main problem with policemen is that they were never supposed to become what they are in the first place. When they first starting have police forces in america they were just local dudes that patrolled the streets and helped people with crap, they didn\'t even get weapons at first because they weren\'t supposed to enforce laws as much as keep things going well. For example if someone was having a baby you\'d go to the police officer because he could legally go to the nearest dispatch phone and call in for help. They would often build relationships with the local folks through their service as well. But today they\'re just a faceless organization without enough accountability. I don\'t have a problem with the people behind the badge but I don\'t respect what they do because it doesn\'t have to be that way.

  9. Nice idea! I should try it sometime... The \"probable cause\" for me was a faint smell from smoking with my friends in my car hours before.
  10. And yeah, I know I should be mad at the fucktard politicians more than the police. This thread was mostly for just venting some anger at the particular assholes who arrested me.

    The whole situation, while it has made me more distrustful of the 5-0 (mostly without reason...but being arrested just changed how I think of them), has done much more to make me realize I need to be as vocal as I possibly can in getting these laws changed.

    In the six months of me being an involuntary non-smoker (© InferiorWang :) ), I resolve to take all my anger out on changing the unfounded propoganda fascist laws that make smoking pot an arrestable offense.

    I\'d recommend that to anyone feeling angry at the fact that mj is illegal -- you can bitch about stupid cops and complain about stupid laws, but DOING something will not only make you feel a lot better, but it will help change the future so that us peaceful marijuana smokers will one day be persecuted no more.
  11. sad panda im new, do you care to go over the story of the whole bustage thing?
  12. Yeah sure...

    This all happened on January 9th..me and two friends blazed like CRAZY in my car, fishbowling it for three whole joints (stupid in retrospect, I know). We finish up, and they all go home. It\'s just about 1 AM. Now, they both live in the town next to me, so now I have to find my home as I\'m coming down from being realllly high. I accidently go down the wrong road, needless to say.

    Luckily, I remember this state conservation land parking lot that I smoked at a couple times in the past. So I think, \"Cool, I\'ll turn my car around there.\" It\'s not very well marked, and the parking lot is like a tenth of a mile off the road. Perfect place to turn around without arousing suspicion I think (stupid in retrospect...but made sense at the time). Note: I am not doing ANYTHING illegal in the parking lot at this time. I turn around, and as I\'m leaving, I see a police cruiser pull in.

    \"Ohhhh FUCK,\" I think. Playing it cool, I try to just drive innocently by. The pig turns on a light (not the flashing lights, just a normal light) on the top of the car. Confused, I still pull forward. He backs up his car a little. Now, I\'m scared as fuck, but this guy still hasn\'t done anything that would make me think he\'s pulling me over, so I keep moving forward. As I go by the cruiser, he opens his door, gets out of the car, and starts banging on my window, accusing me of trying to take off.

    Rattled, but still playing it cool, I roll down my window. I give him my lisence and registration. He calls for backup and runs a check on me. I\'m sitting in the car, scared as fuck. Nothing incriminating is in plain sight, but I have a bunch of paraphenelia on me and about half a gram left from my smoking adventure stashed under the driver\'s seat.

    The pig and his buddy approach my car. His buddy turns to him and says, \"Smell that?\" They chuckle, in the most irritatingly smarmy way imaginable. \"Get out of the car,\" they order me.

    As I get out, they manage to see a piece on the floor of my car I wasn\'t aware was there. Note: they didn\'t see this until they ordered me out of the car. Well, now I\'m fucked. They tell me \"Find us the pot, or we will find it ourselves.\" Thinking I had no other choice because they never ASKED to search my car, they just said they were going to, I forgot about my 4th amendment and retrived the baggy under my seat. They chuckled and laughed to each other and had a grand old time totally getting off on being the biggest fucktards in the world. At this point, I literally feel like I\'m about to faint, and I\'m shaking because I\'m so scared. They think I\'m just making it up, but eventually they let me sit down in the cruiser while they finish being fucktards at the scene of the stop.

    I was cuffed and stuffed, and taken to the station, where I was printed and photographed and shit. They formally charge me with possession and...get this...TRESPASSING. (more on this later)

    Because of my \"medical condition\" (I WAS SCARED, YOU ASSHOLES!) they would not let me stay in jail overnight or let me be released to a friend. They told me my only option was calling my parents (which is complete BULLSHIT, because I\'m 19.) Anyway, they finally get a hold of my parents, who come down and bail me out. By the time all this is over, it\'s about 4 AM.

    They tell me to show up at court at 8:30 AM that same morning. I go home, get like an hour of sleep, and it\'s off to court, where I sit and wait for about 3 hours before they get to me. I say I\'m appointing my own attorney, and enter in not-guilty pleas for both trespassing and possession.

    Now comes my big decision. In the state I\'m in, Massachusetts, the penalty for possession first offense is just six months of probation with a couple \"Drugs are bad\" classes, and nothing entered on my record. But I know that it was bullshit that the pigs stopped me. I go back to the scene, and take pictures of all of the signs in the area. Sure enough, NONE of the signs give ANY indication that I\'m not allowed to be there whenever the fuck I want. So the trespassing charge is bogus.

    Through all of this, my parents are surprisingly really cool. They to this day have not yelled at me once, and they even offered to help pay for a lawyer. I also get some free legal advice from my girlfriend\'s mom, who was also really cool. So was my girlfriend. So I was lucky that I had so many allies.

    In the end, everyone I talked to agreed that even if we can show I wasn\'t trespassing, the pigs can still claim they were \"community policing\", which means they have the right to stop people who might be lost or in trouble to offer assistance. They all agree that smell=probable cause, so they had a complete right to search the car after they noticed the smell. But one way or another, they were allowed to stop me, most likely.

    Instead of spending months and months fighting something that according to my lawyer, I probably only had a 30-70 chance of winning, if that...I decided to just bite the bullet and take the fucking 6 months of probation and \"Drugs are bad\" classes. Unfortunately, that means I have to last until July 22nd with NO drugs OR alcohol (the judge ordered random breathalyzer tests, the fucktard).

    And that\'s about it for my story. So now, I have to go through an entire college semester without having anything illegal enter my body. And, might I add, about two months of summer as well...
  13. shit. that sucks.
  14. Indeed.

    Thank god there are still some things I can do that ARE legal.

    i.e. Wild Dagga, Dream Herb, Salvia Divinorum, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose...

    The government can\'t take away ALL of my fun, dammit.
  15. Of course as like most of you I cannot stand the cops. But I do think it would be cool to be a cop and be a dirty one. Could you imagine pulling someone over and them having a pound or something, and they bribe you? Now that\'s some cool shit.

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