.i just inherited a coffee shop.

Discussion in 'General' started by TreeTokin, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hey GC.

    So this last weekend my grandfather died and left me in charge of his coffee shop that i currently work in. Its not a chain or anything like that just a place where people can buy bagels and shit. He also left me a pretty sick amount of money towards the shop and i was thinking of remodeling it completely. I was thinking of even pushing the whole cannabis culture influence in the store as long as i didnt get into any type of trouble. Anybody have any suggestions? Im meeting with a designer on the 12th.

    by the way its called. "pie in the sky".....figures huh?

    for those cali people...its in the O.C...

    - 1/2
  2. What type of coffeeshop is it? Do you live in Amsterdam?
  3. good idea man,

    maybe just play bob marley/KMK/afroman on the stereo for a few weeks and see how the customers react. .

    gauge it on their response

  4. I is gud @ reedin all post lol!
  5. If you looked it says he lives in anaheim and says it's in the O.C.

    so it's a lame ass US coffeeshop (not saying anything against your shop, that'd be sick to get one I think.)

    I wish my grandpops would leave me a headshop instead though...
  6. Yea, thats real cool man. Put some posters up of bob marley and shit.
  7. that is too cool. good luck with it. :wave:
  8. I suggest making it more of a come soothing place to go, maby you don't need to put in the cannibus culture but more a relaxing culture in there. Maby dime the light put tent on the windows and have soothing relaxing music playing in the background.
  9. .yeah its just a hole in the wall place. orange tables. yellow chairs lol.

    but im re-doing the whole place.

    yeah its gonna be closed for a couple weeks while they remodel.

    im thinking that from when i open it ill start playing reggae/soul/hip hop

    and im gonna see if my clientel starts to get younger....

    problem is good money is made at 5am......

    i dont know if i want to keep it as a donut shop though....maybe i can change what we offer?
  10. don't stop selling donuts, everybody loves donuts.
  11. . i like the idea of darker lighting. something where people can come hang in the evening...i was also thinking of a mini-stage to let local acts bring people in while giving them some exposure.

    problem is space. it only fits about 20 people or so.
  12. Sell weed!

    Customers who ask for a latte with "extra mint" will get an eighth with their purchase.

    Till somebody orders that by mistake and asks what the hell you are trying to give them :)

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