I just had a fist brawl with my girlfriend

Discussion in 'General' started by weepingduck, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I need help fixing this. She hates me now.:mad:
  2. Way to go
  3. Well what the fuck did you expect getting into a fist fight with your girlfriend?:confused:

  4. ^ This. I doubt this is a fixable situation.
  5. How far up there did it go?
  6. If you hit her i hope it dont get fixed.
  7. Why? need more info man
  8. You deserve to be in jail.
  9. Being a victim on abuse, you need therapy, jail just spits you out more fucked up than ever before.
  10. You need to post the full story as to what happened..

    You're telling us you got into a brawl with your gf only implies to us that you hit girls and shouldn't be in a relationship with one until you can be an adult and control yourself
  11. how mad are you on a scale from 1 to chris brown?

  12. True dat, until you give more info your a fucking coward who hits women.
  13. What the he'll happened?! Why'd you guys get into a fist fight?
  14. First off, don't hit a woman.
    Don't punch anyone for that matter.
    I don't care what the circumstance unless you are genuinely fighting for your life. I tired of people doing dumb shit all the time. Wake the fuck up, your a sack of water living on a rock in a vast universe. Violence is never the damn answer, they're always other ways to solve disputes.
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    Did you attack her? Did she attack you? what happened?

    If you hit her, then just close this thread now to avoid the blizzard about to storm.
    And go shoot you kneecaps out while your at it...

    IF she attacked you, shes a dick and shes one of those girls that needs to be taught how to have a boyfriend.
    I hate when girls pull that shit. You men can say whatever the fuck you want about respecting women and not touching them no matter what, bla bla but if I was a dude. And i was arguing with my girl and she socked me the way i've seen them hit guys....Oh no. Bitch is getting smacked across the fucking face no matter how big her vagina is. If your gonna hit ANYONE man or woman, you better be prepared to get hit back or you keep those fists the fuck DOWN.
    Plain and simple.
    If you don't wanna get hit by a man dont fuckin touch him either, if your dumb enough to do so, then you deserve to get slapped back.
    If I hit a man I would definitely expect it. Unless they aggress at me first, then i'll hit back as many times as i want. And I certainly wont be the one crying, I fight fucking dirty. I'll take your eyeballs. :p
    Beat a man like a bitch, and a bitch like a MAN.

    Sorry for ranting.....Continue on with the plot.
  16. Fuck man, you don't hit your girl friend is it that hard to just walk away.
  17. It's cool mane. I always say
    " if you keep talking like a bitch, then I'm goin to slap you like a bitch"
    They never listen keep you pimp hand flexed.
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    I hope she fisted you in the grapes man, not cool..
  19. Who the FUCK said that?

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