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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by stonygurl, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. I love this site! I find the format very easy to use, and the people on these boards are great. Thanks, Superjoint, for the terrific place!
  2. this site is a lot better than i though it would be. you did an outstanding job. and you should smoke yourself stupid for tonight.
  3. thank you, thank you and you and you :0 :)

  4. I hope more people will come, why is it that some boards like cannabis.com, yahooka.com and marijuana.com are so crowded? Should I advertise, I mean I think we realy have something going here, don't you agree boys and girls? maybe it's the new domain name, tkaes some time before we will be found in the search engines. But I realy hope this board will flourish with intelligent and cool people who have something to say! have fun here, you know what I mean. Tips and encouriging words are welcome! :)


  5. I think this board has reached the point now where it's really going to grow. There's over 700 registered members and they're going to tell their friends. Plus, a lot of the cool people from Yahooka are realizing that this board is cooler. There's a lot of idiots there.
  6. places like yahooka have been up for 2-3 years were still in the first. so we will have a big boom of people in time.
  7. I think it's pretty cool how we can see who all's here right now. One question, though. When I try to see the list of members, it only allows me to see one page? How do I get to the next page?
  8. stony: go to members > advanced search, scrool to the bottom of page and change from 30 to how ever many members u want to see, it takes a while to load.
  9. Thanks, aerobooger errr, I mean, Aeroblurg! I'll try that.
  10. i cant change my name anymore.
  11. I agree with Stony this place is rocking. I for one am glad to be here. As a mod at Yahooka I think this place will take the place of Yahooka.

    SJ you have done a wonderfull job.

  12. Traitor!;) j/k I agree. I gotta confession, though, I'm afraid to spread the word too loud on Yahooka, for fear of the monkeys following!

    PS Aeroblurg, your previous name was mentioned out of pure love!
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  13. Stony i agree with you on the monkeys.

  14. I will fix that today.
  15. Hi Stonygurl,

    I hope you like it better now. (Just look at the bottom of the memberlist).
  16. Thanks, Kees! Wow, I'm even more impressed...I'm not used to a site where the "powers that be" are actually around! Nice job :) .
  17. when u got a webmaster and 5-6 adminastrators somone has to be on.
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  18. I agree totally, this site is the best!! I have only been here for a short time, but I am really impressed with everything so far. It can only get better. Thanx!!!!

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