I just got Tiger Bloom, so will it help?

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  1. Hi my good growing people I have a question regarding my current grow op. I just got Tiger Bloom and other than Molasses and Fish emulsion that's all I'm using in soil. I have a 70w hps and 4x26w cfl daylights in my closet and this is 31 days of flowering and I'm wondering the weight of harvest. I have never grown a plant this tall with 6 tops so I'm excited on the harvest. ANY criticism is welcome as this is a bag seed grow and I'm wanting to learn all I can. I also am trying to grow in perlite as my medium and currently have 3 seedlings that just sprouted and 1 clone that came from my aero cloner as a trail start. How fast does perlite dry out, do I need to flush often when using ferts, and how good is perlite vs clay pelets or rockwool as a medium. Again any answers are wanted and welcome:)

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  2. I'm talking about a 4ft high and 2ft deep and wide area with a 70w hps and 4x26 daylight cfls and a 2ft tall 6 top plant in organic soil, any guesses as what the weight should be. I was thinking it would be good to get 1.5-2 oz off this plant but don't have a clue.
  3. Go easy on the fish juice. Your buds will absorb the flavor.

    Stay away from it completely when you get closer to harvest.
  4. Even though those are the only supplements, you're still going to flush, right???

    As for the difference in growing mediums... Perelite will stay wetter a little longer than clay pellets (hydroton) which have to be either flood & drained a couple times a day or DWC style. I use hydroton with rockwool cubes. If you like growing in soil but still want that 'hydroponic application' then you could use a mix of perelite and soil. I've seen ppl use a mix of coco and soil alot with great success.

    And for the flushing, unless I run into problems, I flush when I change to 12/12 (only for 1 day) and at the end of harvest (usually 4-8 days)
  5. Thank you and yes I do flush my soil before I flower and 2 weeks before I harvest.

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