I just got this St Patty's day text.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by randommick, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. "Let's get so drunk that we flip a car! With our dicks!"

    From a chick.

    So how drunk is everyone getting tonight?
  2. not drunk at all... probably just barely stoned

    this is not a good weekend at all...
  3. why's that? been alright for me so far
  4. smoking roaches today, i got a gram coming tommarow though

    and i dont drink

    i also dont have anyone to hangout with in this town

    just gunna lay low and relax
  5. at least you have roaches, i don't have shit until tonight.

    tom. is my relax day
  6. [quote name='"randommick"']at least you have roaches, i don't have shit until tonight.

    tom. is my relax day[/quote]

    A relax day...or a hangover day? :cool:
  7. Probably gonna get drunk as fuck. But my only plan is to play bp alllll night. No shots for me. So my shooting arm needs to be havin a good day ;)
  8. Fuck the Irish

    .....Jk Jk I love em! ESP the women

  9. you sir have the best username ive seen all week. JDM as fawk :wave:
  10. Thanks bro :metal:
  11. Woke up sick today, don't even feel like toking. Ruined my night, had some exciting plans for tonight :(

  12. Same here man... was at my buddies last night and wasnt feeling well, had to go to the doctor this morning and ive slept all fucking day... now i cant fucking party:mad: fuck
  13. Doesn't look like I'm getting drunk anymore, tonight looks like a bust
  14. Dude, I didn't even read your thread
    But the fact that your picture is mac lethal makes you a great man.
    haha, I saw him a few years back before he was big-is with some maggot brokencyde band
  15. Didn't get drunk. Went to the liquor store, got some Bailey's, Jameson, and Guinness, and did a few Irish Car Bombs around 2pm. Went to the bar at about 6, they were already out of draft Guinness... Blast! Ended up drinking a couple Fat Tires and eating spaghetti for dinner.

    Just got home, about to go to sleep. Relatively boring day. The cute waitress wasn't even working at the bar today, I was pissed.

  16. Drank too much. Fuck st paddys
  17. drank with my dad made some burgers then my friend jack picked my drunk ass up to go to his house so he could start drinking with me lol drank more cooked more burgers and hot dogs did some shots went to sleep on the couch came home this morning
  18. Had a great night!

    Got drunk off some Jager and Vodka with the girlfriend and celebrated the night away!
    Topped the night off with bong hits throughout of course.

    Best part had to be the drunkin' walk to the forest which was followed by a deep discussion of zombies coming out of the shadows :)
  19. So your chick's a tranny, thats cool

    Have fun fucking that

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