I just got some pills and don't know how many to take.

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I just got 12 tylenol 3's with codiene for free. There is a 150 on each pill so I'm guessing thats the mg. I weigh 210 and I'm 6'1. How many should do the job?
  2. i would highly suggest not to eat any of those to get fucked up. they are pointless if your trying to get fucked up. you would have to eat like 5 of them to get a buzz and it wouldnt even be a great buzz at all. plus when you eat more then 2 or 3 all that tylenol will fuck up your liver and body. if your looking for a codeine buzz eat about 2 or 3 lortabs.
  3. i usually take 5-8 of those bad boys.
  4. i wouldnt take them either.. one time i took like 4-5 T3's and felt it a little, but it upset my stomach bigtime.
  5. Yeh but this is a one time thing I usually do mad vicodin but I'm out. Will there be any long term affects and what could it do to me. And would it matter if on an empty or full stomach?
  6. Take 4 then have a few beers and smoke a few bowls then if you dont feel like its affecting you take 2 more. Wait a while if you have a full stomache.
  7. i have eaten 8 of those an felt fine maybe a lil upset stomach but my stomach is always upset lol

    the time when i ate 8 i also got smoked out by my friend sean, 7 bowls lol

    i was fucked up major, i was fucked up off the first one but we had to smoke more
  8. How can you guys consider this shitty? It's fucking made or is a close relative of morphine (clarify someone?). Never done it, but it sounds pretty fun from what I hear.
  9. i dont think its a close relative of morphine. maybe a far relative. its a fuckin tylenol with a tad bit of codeine in it for sakes. the only reason it would be relative is cuz it has codeine in it right??? yeah well the t3 barely have any codeine in them. more tylenol then codiene in them.
  10. I took four codienes at once and felt absolutley zero affect on my body. Oh well...
  11. cold-water-extraction.....:)

    only way to go
  12. ^ yep I posted the process awhile back
  13. I just took 8 last night and I'm still fucked up.

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