I just got Raped

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  1. two $35 overdraft fees from bank of america.

    for blunts and applebees. fuuuuck! i just put in a 1200$ check to! now i have 1071$ left of that 1200
  2. Bank of america is not the best of banks. Try a credit union instead.
  3. nice buy on the blunts dude
  4. I feel you man, they did me in too. Fuckin vampires, those over draft fees are ridiculous.
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    Did it hurt?

    I thought you had actually been raped.
  6. i got raped like that with citibank once. its a scam!!
  7. dude im glad i wasnt the only one :smoking:
  8. i know how you feel man, the banks do rape you. you know what else gets my lazy ass all the time...the ATM fee's...2 bucks here, 3 buck there...this year alone ive wasted over a buck fifty($150) fuckin with ATM's
    makes me want to take all my cash out and stash it in a safe in the crib. seriously thinking about it.
  9. Yeah fuck BoA.

    I canceled my account with them after they charged me $35 in overdraft fees for going over $0.22. I called them up that day and canceled my account. Zion's Bank is probably no better, but I've never overdrafted with them, so I dunno.
  10. At least it was for something good.
  11. Yeah I am horrible with money so I get the overdraft fees almost every fuckin paycheck lol!:eek:
  12. yeah i was planning on a really depressing thread haha.

    but man i hate banks they always fuck with you.. good luck. hope the applebees was worth it!

    i already know the blunts were.:smoking:
  13. i know right?? made my heart jump for a sec.

  14. are there any banks with better overdraft policy?
  15. Yea Chase hits me up with that shit all the time. I was negative 12 cents once because i bought Taco bell and miscalculated, so Bam $32 bucks in the hole. I called them and made a fuss though so they refunded it.

    Honestly i call my bank almost whenever i get an overdraft fee, i can usually get out of it.

  16. Credit Unions are the only way to go, I actually earn interest on my credit card debt.
  17. from now on, try buying something and getting money back. 7-11 does it. and almost all major stores do.

    i will go to walmart and buy a pack of gum and get 20$ back. 7-11 can give you 5 or 10$ back
  18. I have Chase but have heard horror stories from Bank of America. If you try to deposit your check on a Saturday it won't get processed until Monday. Wtf? What kind of shit is that? Find another bank.

    P.S. I'm jealous of your monies ahahah.
  19. dont be, i have so much money i bought a zune hd so i can play with it and return it. :( i really want one too

  20. Well you have more money than me! And buy an iPod instead :p

    Where in Florida are you?

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