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I just got my joint soaking wet.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bon idee, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I was sitting in the living room and was using a cup as a makeshift ashtray (I was going to wash it) and when someone walked in the front door, I freaked out and dropped it in the cup and didn't realize that there was soda in it.

    Should I re-roll it or leave it alone? I hope the tree is still good, it was good bud.

    I've been smoking for a while, but I've just never been in this situation.
  2. sounds like its gone.. RIP
  3. If it were water I'd say just dry it, but with soda I dunno. I would re roll, make sure you let the herb inside dry. A little sugar on it from the soda won't kill you.
  4. That's pretty awful, maybe you could put it in the toaster or the microwave to dry it off? probably going to taste shitty
  5. It was Sprite lol.

    I knew nobody that would care that I'm smoking inside was walking in, I just flipped out and instinctively dropped it. I have had it sitting next to me on the table for over an hour, I'm just afraid it's ruined. :p
  6. Happened to me with bud once. I dropped an eighth that was in a baggie once cause I almost got caught smoking a few years back. Well, it fell in a puddle, goddamn rain. I put the bud right next to a portable heater. It dried up nice and quick.
  7. Heh...New Years eve 1984/1985. We rolled a quarter ounce joint using multiple papers. The plan was to light it at about T-10 minutes before midnight. One of the girls was drinking screwdrivers, and a friend of mine spilled orange juice ALL over the giant joint. I grabbed it right away but it already had orange juice on it.

    We dried it with lighters and lit it. It tasted good actually, and burned OK. That was a good New Year.

    I haven't thought of this story in years. This thread made me get all reminiscent.
  8. I would suggest you smoke it right now, as wet as possible.
  9. #9 bon idee, Feb 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2009
    Well, I think it will be okay then, I'm just like "WTF".
    I've literally never been in the situation to find out what to do when this happens.

    And pinball, drop it.
    Lol I thought your name was kingpin. Guess it was that thread in Pandora's Box.
  10. anytime i drop my GB cap into the GB (which happens quite a bit considering i'm brain dead half the time from toking) while it's packed i take a blow drier to it on low heat and it dries up rather quickly and smokes just the same. i'd figure sprite would dry the same...maybe make it a bit more sticky!
  11. I agree with pinball, dip it in a glass of water to be safe.
  13. thats what I did!! doing dishes, got it wet, then put it on my heater it was dry in minutes!
  14. OP is 10 years old I don't think they need advice on how to dry a wet J anymore..
  15. Oh my God! I thought that this was an over 21 forum. I am so sorry!!! -Miranda
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    No I didn't mean that :laughing: the original date this thread was posted is 2009:laughing:

    This website is an 18+ site though
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  18. Do you think it's dry yet?:bolt:
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  19. Ok, cool
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  20. that was funny tho
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