I just got higher than I've ever been in my entire life.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mөsh, May 10, 2010.

  1. I smoked 1g of purple haze (I'm kinda new to weed. so I'm not that experiencing with different highs) and I just completelty lost it. I was "dreaming" that what I was about to do actually happened, but when I came back to "full consciousness" I would try to do something and the same shit would happen. It was basically an out of body experience (more or less). Is it because I was smoking purp (I'm used to smoking sativa strains) or was I just high as fuck?
  2. yeah man thats the story.
  3. Thats the magic of marijuana.
  4. New to weed + A 1g sesh of haze = Yes you were just high as fuck :smoking:
  5. judging by your post... you've got a lot to learn about weed
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    I've never had any purple shit like that before lol.

    EDIT: I normally smoke by myself, I wonder if being with my friend had anything to do with it.
  7. purple is just a color

    you were just realllllllly high
  8. Yea like I don't remember half the shit that happened today, I'm stuck here with a bag from taco bell that has 10 orders of cinnamon sticks in it, and don't even remember getting them. I was driving my friend around because he's a better roller and couldn't do it driving, but I remember not being able to see SHIT, I was getting paranoid because I had to be home in 30 mins to eat with family, and I just didn't want to get caught and kicked out.
  9. That must of felt great.

  10. This is the reason why I am on a tolerance break. I miss this. You are lucky

  11. hahaha
  12. Layin' back with some of that DankyDank I see :smoking:
  13. Thats great dude, you should totally smoke more of that shizzz.
  14. Hmm...I wonder if we have the same stuff. I just picked up a bag of purple weed, and I've never seen it come through here before. I've gotten some in other cities, but never in VA. Though, the stuff isn't any stronger than the dank I usually get around here (but still its $5 more expensive).
  15. My friend got it from Chase City if you know where it's at.
  16. It's like 1.5 hours from me. I'll ask my friend where she got it from.

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