I just got back from New York City!

Discussion in 'General' started by AndyPL, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone! I just spent the last four days on a little trip to NYC with my family. I saw so much great stuff! My favorites must have been the top of the Empire State Building and visiting the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld (he made really great soup!) I also went to Dangerfield's (the comedy club) and I've never laughed my ass off for so long and so hard. This may sound rotten of me, but I honestly expected new yorkers to be assholes, but everyone was really friendly and helpful.

    To all you NYC stoners out there, your city's a blast, thanks for the great time!
  2. yea man NY's fun to visit. i too have gone to Dangerfield's dive, it was a fun time. sweet.
  3. NYC is awesome. I'm an hour to the south, and I love going into the city to see musicals and concerts and such. Lots of fun!
  4. I cant wait to visit.

  5. Sounds fun

    Huh? That guy is actually a soup chef and he works in that kitchen?:confused::confused:
  6. you didnt go to strawberry feilds???? thats like a stoner mecca...sorta kinda:rolleyes:

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