I just got a TORO Circ/Circ/Circ -pics & milk vids-

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    Just got my TORO Circ/Circ to go with my Circ trash catcher that I already had. This thing rips like a dream and gives me a head change more than any other tube I have ever used. A+++ to the TORO crew.


    First rips out of this beast by me and my homie. Watch them in High Def 1080p

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8b2WN538iE]YouTube - TORO Circ/Circ/Circ[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiaPV6AMOlc]YouTube - TORO triple Circ setup[/ame]
  2. damn!! such a sick set up it looks so smooth!:smoke:
  3. nice scoop man, ive heard good things about them
  4. Sick as fuck how much was it

    Btw good music choices
  5. Good taste in music. :metal:
  6. It's ridiculously smooth. And gives me a head change like no other piece has. Super good.

    I got it for right around 500 + the price of the trash catcher.

    Yeah TooL is timeless for sure. Love that band
  7. that's a pretty good deal fir what your getting
  8. toro and tool, two great tastes that go great together.;)
  9. i got the same circ to circ but mines white and ice blue label

    where did you get your circ trashcatcher ive been lookin for one.

    props on the the tube tho
  10. That setup is awesome man! I just ordered a circ/circ and this thread gets me all excited. Lol + rep for that sick ass tube and happy toking:smoke:
  11. Nice set-up dude!!

    I have a single circ with the same label, and a matching circ trashcatcher.
  12. glad it could go to a good home :). nice milks with the TC too!
  13. very nice, ive heard nothing but good things about those circ/circ's, wish i could have the discipline to save up for one of those
  14. so jealous i need one so bad ..........the first time i hit a toro i knew it was destiny............................just not now because im broke .sweeet bongs man im so fucking jealous
  15. That's an incredibly sick setup.
  16. this is literally my dream set-up...so jealous.
  17. Yeah it was this one, my 15 arm Luke Wilson beaker, and the SG Pillar. That is the last piece of the arsenal I need to get. One day!
  18. what is that other bong in the pics there OP? that looks exactly like what I'm in the market for now.
  19. It's a Luke Wilson mini beaker with a 15 arm tree perc, and a 29mm 10 mini arm downstem. They aren't in production, he only made a few of them
  20. ahhhh man, that thing is gorgeous.

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