i just fucked my ex-girlfriend for our very last time ever

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  1. so my friend and i went down to the coast for the weekend,
    and i just got back yesterday.
    but when i told my ex (who was now single cause her and her bf broke up)
    that i was coming back from the coast,
    she asked if i wanted to hang out and stuff, so i said yes. What a badass way to come back from a little mini vacation eh?
    well she came over, and we talked
    she didn't want to try "us" again,
    but we loved fucking eachother,
    so we just fucked each other's brains out last night for "one last time"

  2. just fapped thx bro

    where can i put this tissue
  3. [​IMG]

    Epic Bread Bro. Epic Bread.
  4. that's pretty much how she was bent over the whole night. ^

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