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I just found a mary jane plant in my backyard

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Silent Fran, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. My parents were away for the weekend to I decided to smoke in my room instead of going outside as I normally do. Now I had a bud with me that I was cleaning, ready to grind. i threw the seeds outside of my window and into the garden that is outside. 
    So today (a week later) the craziest thing happened this morning while I was busy cleaning my backyard. I found a plant of what seemed to be marijuana in my backyard and I was quite curious. How do I take care of it. What type of strain is it, or is it too early to tell?

  2. It's really not that strange that a seed started to grow, that is after all their purpose.  As far as caring for it go to the growing section of this site for tips, there is too much information to put just here.  It is definitely too early to guess strain, and realistically you'll never be able to tell, since it is so difficult to identify that by looks alone.
    Thanks mate. Definitely checkin out the growing section asap
  4. Lol it is whatever strain of the seed you threw out of the window but for that to grow you need different soil for much better results
  5. What the.. lol

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    Hahahahah that's kinda cool. It probably won't bud much or produce very weak buds (assuming it's even female), but it's still funny nonetheless

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    Yeah it's some crazy shit. I just browsed through the growing section and I got a few tips that I shall apply soon. I have also been watching some videos on how to take care of marijuana plants. This is going to be an interesting experience lol. 
    Wish me luck! 
  8. that is WAY not a week old my friend
  9. Wow :laughing:

    the strain part had me laughing though no one can tell usually not even in maturity
  10. Lol @enjoyandlive leave me alone. This is my first plant, I just remember that I was smoking some sativa on that night so this will be a sativa plant. 
    I have also moved the plant from the garden to a flowering pot with richer soil.
  11. Dude it snowed yesterday where I live I doubt you can grow a plant in this weather

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    It's completely the opposite here mate. The sun is out and it has been raining for the past few days. 
  13. If you want to grow it out and smoke you really want to maximize its potential mix up some good organic soil, doesn't have to be expensive. Check out get their amendment kit mixed, some good compost/worm castings peat and perlite or whatever else (as an aeration amendment)
    Or you could just leave it as is and hope for the best
  14. it could be a male. Regardless, move it away from that wall and into a pot. Good luck!
  15. That is so awesome. Though my parents would shit themselves if they found a plant growing in their back yard lol

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  16. You've been throwing seeds out your window for longer than a week, that's a 3+ week old plant for outdoor growing conditions as .... interesting .... as those
  17. I want to find a MJ plant in my back yard! Lucky guy.
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    As was mentioned that looks older than a week. And it's probably not getting a lot of light being so close to the house so it's probably even older than it looks.
  19. I take it you are in the southern hemisphere? If so then you should be right at the start of growing season, but if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and outside of the tropics like I am then I would move it inside. I also had some snow the other day like that one blade so hopefully you are in the southern hemisphere.
    I am actually in the southern hemisphere! And I have moved the plant from the wall into a more suiting place (I think). There a decent amount of illumination and the soil I got seems to be looking good. Looks rich too. 
    I don't think I will be buying any soil off the internet tho.

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