I just dumped my girlfriend

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  1. Good evening GC, I was hoping we could chat for abit perhaps.

    Long story short, I've been dating this hot girl for 2 years whom I love and still love but recently have been getting into more arguments and disagreeing about things. She acts like a bitch sometimes around me and my friends by not talking and being rude. We are pretty different people but our common likes and stuffs kept us together. The thing is we live a city apart, and are going to different schools for post secondary. It's been working out so far but there's some effort we have to put into transportation and scheduling so we can see each other and sleep over and fuck and shit. She's a really cool girl and gets me and my weird humour and I get hers as well.

    But the other day I was chilling with my friends for boxing day so we went downtown and stuff, (my friends brought their gfs too), but my girl was acting real quiet not socializing and just being a drag to be around. She doesn't always do this but when she does it pisses me off a lot. I just asked her if she wanted to go home and she abruptly left without saying bye to anyone.
    I dumped her later on the phone. It seemed like a good idea the way things were going...(different schools, semi-long distance)
    I'm gonna see her soon to drop off some stuff she left.

    She told me she's been crying like all day and can't sleep thinking about the break up. I'm her first boyfriend but I'm an experienced guy and I don't really know what to think

    I love her but I can't really go on with this. I've never felt like such an asshole...

    And also I can't smoke weed now because whenever I get high I think about this shit and my judgement is altered and I wanna change my mind.

    I'd like to here from others who have dumped someone
    share feels please..

  2. Damn man from what I can see, girl has a bad day and you dump her.

    Now it really would be a bad day. But I`m on the other side of the fence what can I say.
  3. Go back with her.
  4. Is that picture of you and her?
  5. If I get back with her I'll be stuck with her forever...I feel like we both need to move on for the best of both of us

    And no its not us those are actors just portraying our interracial love
  6. Mentally unstable chicks are good for sex, but not good for relationships.
  7. a good girl is a bad thing to loose.

    Now that u broke up with her, she will hear you out and u should talk to her about the way she acts. tell her she needs to stop acting the way she does but also u need to put some effort too. Ask her what bothers her about u and just talk. If it still looks like it wont work out, then just move on. Be friends. And live life.
  8. The picture leaves me with many questions
  9. Did you even bother to find out why she was acting weird? Sometimes you've just got to sit down and talk to your partner about problems.

    It's seems odd to me that if she's such a cool girl and gets you so well, that you'd drop her over one problem before even trying to resolve it.
  10. Man Idk I'm a dude and when I'm out and partying, I just kinda chill and don't really talk unless I have something funny or important to say...some people talk waaaay to fucking much and it makes me angry in the nicest possible way..
  11. Women don't make sense for the most part. Sitting down with her and discussing it would have gotten nowhere with a moody chick like that. You can't reason with some people, because reasoning involves logic, which many people lack.

    Here's how the convo would have gone:
  12. How do you know what? Not all women are the same. That's a pretty stupid thing to say. Men can be just as irrational as women. It depends on the individual.
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    I'd consider getting back together sounds like you guys are good for each other. She had a little incident but you should be able to get over that i mean it's a relationship. Smoke some weed and get back together or you're gonna be the one regretting it later

    EDIT: i read your other thread of your cuz attempting to kill himself. Sounds like you and your girl both got shit goin on i'd honestly give her another chance.. Gl to the both of you
  14. she wants you to feel bad

    it's not your fault she's immature
  15. bro, just try to stay friends or whatever. maybe you can talk to her after and find out what her deal was so that you can learn from it.

    now that you broke up with her you can never experience the same feelings you had with her even if you do manage to get back together. The innocence and aura of a fresh relationship is now forever gone.

    You killed that little cupid that was holding your relationship together. You can try to resuscitate him, but no matter how much you try he will always need surgery in the future. :smoking:

  16. Please read fully.

    "Sitting down with her and discussing it would have gotten nowhere with a moody chick like that."

    He's provided evidence that this girl is moody and has done this kind of thing before. You're saying not all women/people are the same? ORLY?! I had no idea. :eek:
  17. I did read fully

    If you didn't mean to generalize all women as not making sense or being irrational people, that was a poor choice of words.

    We have no idea about the situation. Maybe the OP did something really screwed up to her, or something that deepy bothers her from past experiences or something. We can't just assume she's irrational because she gets upset with him and he doesn't know why.

    That's why I said he should talk to her about it. If he really cares about her, it's worth it to at least try. What's he got to lose? I mean he's obviously bummed about the situation.
  18. thanks all for posting.

    the thing is she's done this before and has acted like a bitch around our friends which makes me look and feel bad. I'm sick of this kind of stuff and I don't really think its worth it. I've already given her a "last chance" before...

    I feel like I could have something better

  19. I'm sorry dude that sucks. Maybe it is time to move on. But have you tried talking to her about it? Or was she unreachable?
  20. I strongly believe you should open up and communicate to your girl. Tell her how she makes you feel uncomfortable at times and give her the chance to respond. All successful relationships require good communication, commitment to each other, and hard work. If you learn this early on, then when you find the right girl for you, you will both share a long and happy life together. I've been married 24 years and this is what I have learned along the way. Good luck my friend.

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