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I just don't understand

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by att259, May 11, 2010.

  1. I just watched the Union. (Yes I know I'm late with this one)

    I just don't understand how this prohibition is still going on, when all signs point to how it would help us more than hurt us.

    Fucking government and their profiteering.
  2. There are a lot of reasons. But one is that there is still way to much of a stigma about it. We are just now trying to get medical legal. outright legalization will follow. it will just take time. god i cant wait. :smoking:
  3. Maybe they dont want people high all the time. Because if you look at it, there isnt that much people drinking every day non stop even though its legal. But stoners do exist like me who blaze every day. Obviously if everyone was stoned nothing will get done. Im for legalization, but I see why the government is sketchy about legalizing it.
  4. Scary as it might seem for some, our generation will eventually make the decisions for our country. I think that bodes well for MJ legalization... idk about the rest of the problems yet :p
  5. Everyone needs to smoke a bowl with eachother and peace will come to earth, when arguments arise instead of going to war the two presidents or ambassadors pack a couple bowls and talk about the matter while baked.
    And world hunger will dissappear cause no Stoner likes to see another Stoner go Hungry
  6. Maybe you represent the small minority of people who still think that people who blaze aren't productive, and so you perpetuate that stereotype by being a lazy stoner yourself.

    The vast majority of people who smoke up respect the herb, function just fine in normal society holding high standing jobs and respectable positions. These are people who you are likely to never meet because they only surround themselves with other matured tokers.

    Not everyone who smokes is lazy when they're high. But people like you perpetuating that stereotype is something that can only harm the push for legalization.
  7. so fucking true man
  8. Yes but what about teenagers and college students, not that many people at that age who smoke weed are productive in school. I know i wasnt, and neither were around 90% of all the stoners I knew back then.

    And yeah you're right I am a lazy stoner, but I can act cool when needed to. All depends how high you get right?
  9. as for me i was very bad at being productiv in highschool, ive been smokin mj scence about 6th grade. i think it has something to do with the pot, i have no trouble workin on my bmw or my moms house high as hell but fucking boring ass repetitive uesless schoolwork didnt ever reallt seem worth doing
  10. FUKIN corporations man.
  11. It always makes me sad when I meet someone who knows so little about weed that they think its as harmful as cigarettes. :( And there are so many people who won't even believe the truth thanks to the stupid stigma created by the government over the past few decades.
  12. Most of the people I smoke with are in school and do exceptionally well. Smoking weed doesn't make you lazy. Smoking weed makes lazy people lazier.

    And there's a big difference between knowing how to act cool and knowing that weed isn't what's making you lazy. You're being lazy because you think it's the thing to do when you're high.

    And obviously, if it's legalized, there needs to be age regulations on it so it becomes harder for dumb kids who can't hold their bud or do anything while high to acquire it. It's that stereotype that's making it harder for people who respect and smoke the herb responsibly to get it legalized.
  13. Just to add to this, this past semester at school I smoked every single day about 3-10 times a day depending on the day. It was my last semester of senior year at college and I got straight A's. So the idea that it makes you lazy seems quite foolish to me.
  14. I guess people in Vancouver are crappy at getting good grades and smoking pot. And it will be pretty much like ciggarretes like today. Kids will still get ahold of it. And "new" smokers can pretty much flip out on weed.

    I personally have a medicinal card, and im fine with that. It is pretty much medicine.

  15. Well said, dude.

    Happy Toking :smoking:
  16. Cannabis IS medicine, and it's the only one I take.

    To op: you really don't understand?!?! The goverment has dug themselves into an almost bottomless pit of lies and propaganda. You think they are going to go back after 70+ years of prohibition and just go "Oops. Sorry. We destroyed millions of lives, ruined the careers of proffessions, betrayed the people who created this country, and wrecked havoc on everyones personal freedom."? No, they have gone too far and something amazingly drastic will have to happen to get them to crack.

    At least that's part of what I think.

    Cannabis sativa and cannabis hemp(industrial hemp) could solve all of our problems IMHO but it's just TOO cheap and easy fir us. How would large corporations and companyes make money if people could grow almost everything they needed.

  17. ;) so true
  18. You're just now seeing the union man...I've seen that movie the point where I'm sick of hearing abotu it now.
  19. These people shouldn't be allowed to smoke. Just because one smokes herb doesn't mean they should be lazy/unproductive. I think that's why people are so against marijuana - it will make you useless to society.

    This is just my opinion though

  20. I agree my friends dad is an electrician he rakes in about 200k+ a year and he smokes daily.

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