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I just don't think smoking is for me anymore guys..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xJord4n, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I've been thinking for awhile, but over the last few months weed has got me into so much trouble, and bad situations and it's not even enjoyable for me anymore, I'm always sketched out and worried about it. I've had a lot of good times with bud, but I think it's time for my smoking career to come to an end. I think once I move out maybe I'll start up again. But for now I think it's my time to say goodbye to Mary Jane. </3 Good luck to all you guys though, smoke until you can't smoke no more, I'll still be on GC, don't know how much I'll post though.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you guys for giving me all kind of great advice and great tips and tricks. You guys here have taught me almost everything I know about bud. Sorta like a little family to me. :p This is kind of like a little going away letter, I won't be seeing much of you guys anymore, as I won't be on Gc too often. But I hope wherever life takes you it's good, and I hope you wish the best for me. But hey, you never know maybe I'll come back to smoking in the near future but for now I think it's time for a little brake, later guys :gc_rocks:
  2. Oh and to whoever gave me that neg rep, FUCK YOU.
  3. Think about smoking again when you're out of highschool.
  4. Its illegality has ruined my and like 5-10 of my friend's summers a few years back
    Good luck in whatever you do
  5. I don't think you have enough information based on my post to automatically assume that I'm in highschool? Your types of people are one of the reasons that I'm gonnna not be on GC as much everyone has to be a fucking asshole, and be sarcastic about just about everything.

  6. Thanks dude, same goes for you dude.
  7. If your choice of smoking has caused negativity in your life, then don't smoke. I don't think its weed that got you into trouble, but maybe you got yourself into trouble by smoking when you shouldn't have? Just some food for thought. If it isn't a good time in your life to be toking, do what you said and wait till it is. Move out, get a job, go to school, or whatever, and if your life is stable, and you feel you are in a place where you can smoke again and not be stressed about it, then feel free to toke. I wish you luck with wherever you end up in life. Make good decisions and stay positive.

    With that being said, I have one more rap:

    yo, yo, yo, yo
    this is jordans farewell,
    see ya next time, hope ya get well.

    learn to control tha herb, dont get caught,
    and keep that shit on lock.
    feel free to use it, but dont abuse it.
    you know what i say,
    moderate use, not abuse.

    till next time we meet again,
    good luck my tokin homie,
    we're friends till the end.

  8. You'll be back, once you know mary jane, you dont unknow her
  9. Your contribution will be missed?

    ...I mean, really.:cool:

  10. Haha, that's pretty funny it made me laugh thanks for the advice. I respect you alot more now too, as you were kinda being a dick earlier :p

    Here's a little response.

    Thanks for the advice,
    I'll think about it twice,
    can't abuse the herb
    you get caught up in bullshit,
    ya heard?
    maybe sometime in the future we can toke up,
    laugh, crack jokes and stuff
    okay, enough is enough,
    i think it's time to go,
    but hands down we got the illest flow on GC,
    and that's for everyone to know.

    later homie. :wave:

  11. I don't understand why everyone just HAS to be an asshole.
  12. You'll be back, you'll be back.

    Lessons learned. Return to your smoking career as a new man after a long break.

    You'll be back, you'll be back.
  13. #13 burtontoker, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2011
    I was kinda being a dick, don't take it personally though I was just having some fun rapping, I only directed it towards you because you were my "opponent" in the "rap battle," lol. And fuck what people think about your rap, if you enjoy rapping and that whole culture, then pursue it. People are always going to negatively criticize other people, especially when they're jealous or aren't as good, that's apart of music and even life. It wasn't a bad freestyle rap either, it was good.

    I liked that rap, and its true, we do have the sickest rap skills here.

    Also, just because you quit toking for a while doesn't mean you cant still be active on GC. I've had to stop smoking various times and have still remained active, it's no big deal.

    Good luck. :wave:

  14. Hahah thanks dude i was just having some fun. :hello:
  15. i bet youll get high again within 2 weeks

  16. Theres no reason to be sarcastic and say things about him. Lots of us live at home, some of us are in COLLEGE and still live at home. im 20 and live at home, guess what im in college. i see shit like this on almost every thread when someone says they live at home, truth is tons of people in their early 20s live at home. Dont assume shit
  17. Especially in this economy? Shit, I'm supposed to pay for college, my own car insurance, clothes, food, cable/internet, water, electric, GAS, and pay a mortgage or rent when I'm barely about to be 20? Shit, if I was just working every day of the week full time, maybe I'd live totally on my own or with friends. But I'd rather live at home with my family, not pay for rent, food, cable, electric, water, etc, and be able to go to school and work part time, that saves me a lot of money. I could move in with some buddies to an apartment, but I need to save every penny.

  18. You can always use public transportation, it helps your budget a whole lot
  19. I guess, but there isn't a local transit bus stop for a few blocks around here, plus it's about to get pretty fucking cold and slippery during the winter here. I'd rather go in my garage and drive right to school/work than do that, it's just a lot easier than waiting for a bus. If I lived in the city, then that would be the smartest option for me but I'm in a neighborhood area.
  20. Well, Congrats on being one of few that make the decision to give it a rest when that time comes.

    Hopefully quitting now will give you the chance to get everything straight, and a chance to enjoy that nice t-break feeling.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do, but hopefully you'll be back to join us.

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