I just broke up with my girlfriend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dillonmcgowan, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I feel like utter shit. I made all these empty promises to her. For now, fuck sobriety. I'm getting ripped.
  2. How high are you willing to go?
  3. Higher than physically possible.
  4. I'm right with you on that one
  5. what were the promises exactly? why did you break up? information pls or useless thread
  6. ^ and. It's okay you'll forget about her in no time and have a different girl in your mind before ya know it. You act like there's only 1 fish in the sea.
  7. Embrace being single.
  8. Play beer pong.

    Get baked.


  9. Don't worry. You're better off without her. Even is she was a perfect 10. One of my favorite quotes goes "show me any gorgeous woman, and I'll show you a man who tired of her shit"

  10. bro I get ripped everyday and every time i got that sack i get as high as i can so getting ripped wouldn't do much for me I would probably go drink a bottle of vodka with some bitches and eat 2c-b

  11. dude i'm going to live my life by this qoute now, thanks.
  12. She was probably cheating anyways. I don't blame her.
  13. yeaaaah buddddy drunk time , the fun points in your life are about to happen once again
  14. You need to get high and chill out.
  15. Seriously, a night on the Colorado River with a shit ton of beers and rum, along with a fat ounce makes break ups so much easier.

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