i just bought weed from a dog?!??!?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 2FootBong, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. so i was going to pick up an eighth from my dealer, but at the last second he wasnt allowed out because of some family shit. but i was already by his house, which is far away, and he had the bag ready.

    so he says to wait a few minutes and then hes gona let his dog out with a hollow bone in its mouth which has the weed, and just to put the money in it. so like 10min later i see his side door open and his dog, a golden retriever or something similar, walks out with a bone in its mouth. so i call its name like he said to. it comes running over to the street, and then i said "drop it" and he wouldnt, so i just grabbed it out his mouth. it was like one of those rawhide tubes with meat on the inside, except he cut all the meat out and shoved a bag of weed in there, surronded by toilet paper. so i took the bud out and shoved $60 in, and then put some of the toilet paper back in as best i could. then i gave the bone to the dog, who started chewing on it, and i was worried he'd eat my cash but then i hear my dealer's voice calling his dog, and the dog turns around and goes back inside. a minute later i get a txt saying "got it". the whole thing was crazy yet awesome. i mean seriously buyig from a dog?
  2. Hahaha good shit dude. Your dealer sure is a clever one. And for real, it can be hard to find a smart dealer sometimes
  3. That is one of the most clever things Ive ever heard. Pass this rep to your dealer for me.
  4. Dogs kick ass----- thus is true
  5. I'm gonna train my dog now.
  6. Laughing my ass off. I'm gonna suggest that to my dealer.
  7. Lol has any one seen the hangover 2 this reminds me of the coke dealing monkey
  8. Not aloud outside? This fascinates me more then the dog. lmao
  9. This is cleaver. But you could always run with the weed.
  10. [quote name='"Mr Unknown"']This is cleaver. But you could always run with the weed.[/quote]

    and lose a connect who has hooked me up with a shit ton of bud which is the dankest ive ever seen? not likely.
  11. Hahahaha
    That is awesome.
  12. This is the best thread ever.
  13. Fuckin awesome!

    And one smart dog
  14. that's waht i was thinking
  15. haha thats great, i lol'd. He probably has the dog trained to attack too, if you didn't pay up lol
  16. reminds me of the monkey from hangover 2
  17. Thats risky but it paid off!
  18. Thats dope. I wanna get a carrier pigeon so in the future i can send it out to my friends
  19. Golden retrievers are fuckin smart. Could never get my girl's dog to drop the bone lol

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