I jizzed in my pants

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  1. alright, listen to this shit.

    So before going to the club tonight I was thinking about wacking it because I hadn't busted a nut in 4 days and i was fucking horny.

    But i thought, nahhhhh.. I wanna stay horny so at the club ill be all over the ladies.

    So once im inside I scope out the place as usual and so i decide to take a lap.

    As i'm walking through I notice one verrry good looking female eyeing me while she's dancing with some of her friends.

    Her face was cute, but she had the body.

    I inspected that ass, and it was fineee, she was wearing these short jean shorts with just all her ass in there, and she knew how to move that ass too. I'd give her a solid 9.

    So i just say "fuck it" and i ask her to dance.. She says yes.

    So i'm getting my freak on and feelin' up on that ass and within like 2 minutes I have a massive erection.

    Then things start to heat up..

    She's clearly enjoying my monster dong so after a little more grinding she turns around and we start making out..

    I'm feelin' this chick right now..

    Then as we're making out she spreads her legs over one of my legs so my dick's just rubbing up against her pussy..

    So we're making out, and I'm grabbing her ass with both my hands and just pushing her on me and she's loving it. And whenever i'd let go of her ass she'd just do the work and rub herself on me, while we're mackin and im feeling her up too.

    It's pretty fucking hot actually.. I remember looking around for a little and a decent amount of people were watching us cuz we were just getting it on right there on the dance floor! haha.

    So i keep just grabbing her amazingly nice ass and pressing her and i'm just dry humping the shit outta her! I was amazed, it basically just felt like i was fucking her.. probably cuz i hadn't busted a nut in 4 days.

    So then she starts moaning in my ear and it's just sexy as fuck.

    Then, the thought enters my mind.

    "Holy shit. I'm going to fucking cum"

    So i back off just a little, i separate our parts from each other and kinda just give a little room between us. After a few seconds I realize, I'm going to cum either way.

    So I grab that ass, and start dry humping the fucking shit outta her and it felt sooo good..

    and then, I bust the BiGGEST load known to mankind. It was like a straight rocket of cum just firing out my dick.

    At first I was like... "oooooh yeaaaaah." But then I was like.."fuck! This girl's totally gonna know I just jizzed all over in my pants"

    She kept trying to grind dry hump just as much because she didn't know, but it totally felt like she could of felt some of my wetness so i just backed off a little and just realized i had to get the fuck outta there.

    So I went to the bathroom to check out the situation and it really looked like there was a puddle of cum on the thigh of my shorts. Haha, :laughing:

    So i cleaned my shit up, went back out there, and moved on to the next one. :cool:
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  2. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMFYNkFl1Is&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
  3. Cool fucking story. you were grinding with a girl and jizzed in yer pants.

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  4. this is hilarious
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  5. This probably didn't happen. While it probably wouldn't in my country. You have to buy a girl drinks all night and pretend your interested in her boring shit..
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  6. your just ugly
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  7. nah brah its a fact. I get fit girls but i have to do the pretend i'm interested thing first
  8. Man how could you clean up your jizzed short? it like a mess
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  9. i would of kept going with it and made her think shes just that wet lmao
  10. I award you the best title ever award :smoke:
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  11. dude i fucking love soft-core text porn!
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  12. Not going to lie this gave me a erection
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  13. Hahahhaa mannnn I really could feel your situation bro lmao

    Funny ass story
  14. Yeah you played it cool brah...
  15. Shit happens.

    If you had of played your cards right you could have actually blew your load in that pussy. Sounds like she was digging you..
  16. hahah that reminds me of the time my friend borrow my bathing suit. He went over to his gf and they were dry humping on her pool deck. He comes back to me the next day, "Lance, I'll buy you new shorts." I was so grossed out but it was fucking funny as hell because he said it while our whole group was there.
  17. amateurs.
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  18. should have just asked her to go fuck after a couple minutes lol
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  19. Virgin? Who the fuck does this?
  20. shoulda beat your meat and you'd have beat up that pussy.

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