I is new.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by marijuanagirl, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Nice to meet you all :D
    I'm awesome.
    You're awesome.
    Weed is awesome.
    All the awesome things in the world should come together and party.
  2. wats up welcome to grasscity!!!

    this place really is cool, only come on the net for this and facebook pretty much lol...

    anyway its awesome we got another girl yay i love it :D

    im bout to hit the bong for gc chyeaaa
  3. hey welcome, i hav just come bak here after few years, stoners are everywhere, this place rox peace
  4. haha yeah thats me too, only come on the desktop for GC and games and download music, use my laptop for AIM and schoolwork, and use my iPhone for facebook,myspace, texting etc.. its kinda weird actually I have like a strict setup lol
  5. Yay, people love me already :D
    Well, they will. With the unsurpassable power of my brain washing metal stick clicky thing!!!
  6. yea you got a setup like mine haha
  7. Hey I am new also and thought i was the only one like that. My puter collected dust for like almost a year until i started studying up, found this place and am hooked. Now im just chillin all night smokin and reading, damn what a life. Peace yall
  8. welcome i hope you enjoy gc :gc_rocks:

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