I Infiltrated Bill O'Reilly's website

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    This is for those who don't often tread in the politics section:

    So I uploaded a video to youtube and Bill-O posted it on his website. Little did he know, that he was embedding a video that a critic of his show uploaded; and that they could easily edit it anytime they wanted to. Enjoy:

    For legal purposes: All of the information contained within the video, verbal, or written, is false. It is about somebody that got on somebodies nerves by acting like a d-bag all the time, and resulted in a bitchslap of cyber-epic proportions.

    Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day - SNL mocks Bin Laden's Last Will & Testament

    From the Mods:

  2. Can't we just set him on fire and be done with it?
  3. Dude.

    Epic win!

    +rep to you good sir :smoke:
  4. you my friend, are a genius!

  5. Thanks bro. Spreading the truth, no matter how brutal it is; that should be the duty of every American.

  6. Thanks for the compliment brother :smoke:

    Honestly, it is good.

    I've already recently created tensions with my "friends" because they refuse to listen.

    I'd rather lose friends and live in a free country than have a million and be chained.

    (I know this isn't in the politics section, so what? This is important)

  8. Yes. No website or medium in which the corrupt use to propagate the people is safe from the enlightened' message.
  9. *Bump. Video Updated.
  10. Bump. Keep this alive-Let the message be known.
  11. You are about to be rolling in the rep my friend :)

  12. It's not about the rep; it's about toppling an old crusty giant.

    But rep is nice
  13. i dont want to be 'that guy' here, because it's a good idea and props for actually making it work, but i doubt Bill will ever see that video nor will he care.

  14. If it gets attention he will. Especially since it is on his website.
  15. Goodnight Gcity... Almost afraid to fall asleep, but whatever.
  16. well, i'm on your side because o'reilly is a waste of space, so good luck to you sir.

  17. Thanks you and good night.
  18. WOW
    that's the funniest thing i've seen in a while. well played
  19. I guess there are people that don't hate this man as much as I do:confused_2:
  20. I love how you say he is mentally deficient while misspelling 'deficient'.

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