I hurt her uterus :(

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  1. My girl says her uterus hurts after sex. Any advice on how we can prevent this? Bladies do you experience this? Is it really that painful? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Maybe you should change your name to longrodvanhugendong. Way to go champ
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  3. Fuck her in the ass.
    Problem solved
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  4. lmao, yea if me n the bf get too rough its hurts a little after but its really not that bad. she'll be alright man, keep poundin.

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  5. [quote name="Beef Supreme" post="19393124" timestamp="1390507034"]Fuck her in the ass.Problem solved[/quote]She's too scared for anal smh. I'm still trying to convince her tho muhahahahaaaa (evil laugh)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Pussy too shallow? Let me shove my giant dick in your ass instead :laughing:
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  7. i'd say have more sex..
    lol why are we auto assuming OP has a dirk diggler dick?
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  8. i think she means cervix.
    uterus lolz.
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  9. Just work on finding a better angle. I used to hit my wife's cervix a bit if I went real deep, and I'm not Dirk Diggler. If it's a big problem, she may want to have a gynecologist take a peek, things can get out of position down there.
  10. Is she short? One of the girls I use to.fuck say I hurt her.cervix. just can't go as deep and find the positions that don't hurt her as much. Cause some positions can hurt her more than others.Sent from The Gods.
  11. Is  this a new problem, or did your girlfriend always have pain after you and she had sex? 
    This information may help both of you understand why this is happening http://www.hersfoundation.org/anatomy
  12. op got a sharp needle dick
  13. You're using the wrong hole bro
  14. 2 years ago, I banged this girl I went to highschool with. Her mon was into me (32 I was 18) so I fucked her mom. I guess I kept beating her cervix and uterus up cuz she'd bleed every time. The last time she ended up bleeding she begged for me to put it in her ass. Slapped some lotion on with the blood and fucked her asshole. She got an appointment with hoochie doc but I ducked out so never knew what the problem was.
  15. you are my idol man
  16. That blood was prob her period..... I joke.....maybe
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