I hope im not the only person thats dry right now

Discussion in 'General' started by SwagCaleb, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Been dry since Monday, not shit to do, & I can't exercise or anything because I fucked up my knee not too long ago.
    The only thing I could do is sleep, but it's too hot in my room to do that as well. So i'm pretty stuck, unless I want to turn on the PS3 (which is the last resort).
    Anyone else in my predicament? (or something similar?)
  2. I also have no weed. Yeahhh....that's a real issue in my life right now.
  3. just picked up 2 grams. im sorry man
  4. I'm 100% dry.
  5. Nope I also am dry.
  6. Just picked up 14 grams..sorry OP.
  7. I was like.. |--| close to being dry from being broke lol

    But sometimes.. Shit happens.
  8. Haven't been without weed for a little over a year now...

    So nope.
  9. the last time i was dry was when i didn't have a job
  10. im dry right now...but about to hop in the shower and fix that.

    after this bowl of course haha
  11. why don't you get a job? or go hangout?
  12. T-breakin' like a muhhhhhfucka. i can still get drunk tho. HIGH FIVE!
  13. At this minute I am, but I'm picking up a quarter once my dealer wakes up (after 1 most days, lazy fucker) so I can smoke with friends through the weekend. I tend to smoke socially these days so I can avoid 'predicaments' like yours, where all my enjoyment is dependent on the amount of weed I have.

  14. dry since last Tuesday and i cant sleep... i feel like shit. my entire body aches and im starting to get sick from lack of sleep. i wish they would give me my fucking money already...
  15. im dry for another hour or 2.
  16. Been dry for the past week

    Hang in there dude lol
  18. Got that good on deck. :smoke:
  19. Have not been dry for 3 years.

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