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  1. any ideas what is the problem here?
    fifth week flowering in soil.
    leaves like this throughout plant
    any idea what to do? flush? epsom salt? calmag?

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  2. Whats the flowering period for the plant? 8 weeks?

    How much have you been feeding before now?

    What nutes are you using?

    You heard correct, Grasscity has THE smartest growers :)
  3. 58 days of flowering is what they are sposed to take. I have 3 weeks to go. Using flora nova bloom, and just for the last week, Canna PK1314 added to the mix. I have clone sisters next to it and they dont have the same problems, at least not yet.
    I have been feeding between 1000ppm and 1200ppm and i feed twice, then straight water. Usually its 3 days between watering/feedings. It is in 15 gallons of roots organic soil.
    I was thinking of flushing tomorrow, then adding calmag to the flora nova bloom the next feeding, does that sound reasonable?
  4. Do you Ph test your soil?
  5. i have tested the ph of the runoff, it is usually the same as what i am watering with. I havent checked this plants runoff but i will in the morning when i flush it. I started ph'ing lower, down to 5.8 for some reason the last couple weeks. I noticed that calcium and magnesium get locked out at lower ph, maybe thats what happened?
  6. If you're growing in soil, you want your ph to be in the 6.3-6.8 range.
  7. Those ph numbers are a little low. You make be locking out on nutrients as you suspect. Also bear in mind that ph will spike when the medium dries, and water that was diluting the nutrients is gone. This sort of concentrates the nutes when soil is dry.

    Do a flush and then let the soil get decently dry before feeding again. Get the ph up with your flushing solution and don't start adding more nutes to fix the problem. Flora Nova Bloom contains good levels of every nutrient you need, you should not need to add anything to it.
  8. thanks for the help everybody, I am not sure what happened but somehow, i got the soil ph way low because i checked the runoff this morning and it said 5.0
    HOpefully it works out huh? i am thinking i will just let it be, wait for it to need water again and go to my normal schedule. The plant looks the same as it did yesterday by the way, hasnt gotten worse. It feels like the dose of PK1314 i have been adding for the last week might have done it. I always ph after adding my fertilizer, but maybe it had some delayed reaction? i dunno plus im a stoner, so maybe i screwed up ph on one of the waterings

    no bugs though
  9. What kind of Ph tester do you have? If it's a pen tester, those things can be rediculously inaccurate.

    I wouldn't just continue on your normal schedule, I would flush your plant to get rid of any salts that may be building up in your soil, and it's the best way to correct Ph.
  10. i water mine with 6.1 or thereabouts sand the runoff is around 6.5 or so, and they're doing great.
  11. Howdy! Do you have any tiny rust colored spots anywhere on the plant?

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