I havent been on the city in a while,,,i need your prayers,, grass-city

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. MY grandma,, is in the hospital,,, with a problem with her pancreas,,,,

    she;s in i.c.u.,,, AND IT DONT LOOK GOOD, ive been so stressed out lately,, to where the computer,, is the last thing i been doing,,,

    allthough i have missed my blades,,,,you people truly are a distant part of my life,,, i have missed chatting with you all...

    ..my mom asked me today if i'd like to be a pall-bearer...

    ..^^ it hurt just to type that^^^^^^^

    ..so my fellow blades,,, i aint in jail,,,

    just going thru some dramatic times right now,,,

    be cool my fellow blades...:cool:
  2. not trying to be harsh here chicken but your a late 30's dude yourself right for you grandma to be alive this long is good luck

    hope it keeps up man
  3. liek anyone whos apart of this community, i wish the best, good vibes to your granny.
    its hard man, rip nana:(

  4. good to hear from ya, chicken - and i know what your goin through... i lost my grandmother whom i was very close to about a year ago. It can be very hard. I was a pallbearer, and that was hard to. It kinda seems like my mind blocked out that whole month from my life. My best wishes to your grandma and your whole family. Spend some time with her, which im sure you are, and remember that even when shes gone, she will always live on in the memories you have. Sometimes i feel like my Nana never left, and sometimes i almost feel like she's watching over me. I know how hard it is, hang tough, you'll be good, chicken. The hardest part for me, was watching what my whole family went through, and hearing my grandfather tell me as he cried on my shoulder that he "had no more reason to live" ... that was hard
  5. last night i actually wondered to myself where you've been.
    sorry to hear about your grandma. :( :( good vibes your way..
  6. I can relate to that, my grandmother ends up in the hospital for a while every month with her lungs filling up with water. I'm amazed at her vigor, and I hope your grandmother pulls through too. Keep your head up man; there'll be people here no matter what happens
  7. dang. this next bowl is for your family
  8. Man, I am really sorry to hear this chicken.

    My prayers are with you.
  9. thanks for all your kind words...

    my grandma,, is a strong woman,, i forsee,, her pulling out of this,,,,

    ..but if she dont,,, ive cried my last tear,,,,i manned up and realized,, it's out of my hands,,,

    she was/and is a good grandmother,, and the memories i have are excellent,,,

    you couldnt have asked for a better granny,,,

    and im in my 40's....so yes,, the time i had with her,,, was good,,

    ...death is a part of life,, i will celibrate her life if she passes,,

    ..and once again my blades,, be cool....and thanks for your kind words,,:cool:
  10. damn dude hope gandma gets better
  11. man, chicken. i know exactly how you feel. last month, my family learned my grandma had a tumor in her liver. she was in a lot of pain before and after the surgery and in the same weed my uncle had a stroke. his right hand is paralyzed now. also in that same week, my grandpa, who lives in another country, died. i couldnt attend the funeral because there was only two weeks left in the semester. but i wish i could of.

    i dont know how i made it through all that happening to me all in less than a week, but i did. what actually helped me out was talking with my best freind about how i felt and smoking a lot of weed. lol

    ill know youll make it through like i did chicken. you just gotta keep your head up and if you need to cry, then cry. its not good holding these kinds of emotions.

    just think positive and pray.
  12. Good luck with everything, chicken. I'm sending good vibes your way with this next bowl.
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] thank-you all.. blades for your prayes ...chickens gramma is a strong woman... shes always helping other people.....we hope she pulls through this......

  14. I hope she's better soon dude
  15. Best of luck bro, I know how it is waiting on your toes with someone in the hospital.

    You're luckier than most, you have got to spend 40+ years with her, I only wish the same of my grandparents.

    PS. if the inevitable does happen, I would suggest being a pall bearer, I did it for my grandfather and it was a great decision.... although hard.

    Good vibes going your way man..
  16. man dude
    im sorry

    that is really sad
    i send my love as well
  17. Sorry to hear that your grandmother is not doing well :(
  18. Damn shame to read that Chicken mate.

    I hope she does get better & is around for years to come, but as you say - what happens, happens.

    My dad died 3 years ago when I was 25 & me and my brother helped carry the coffin, it was a strange time, but Im glad I done it.
  19. HIGH All, shit...so sorry chicken my Friend....TRIXIE--CHICK could you give Him a (((((HUG))))) from us up here on The WET Coast. Hang in there Bro we're here for you.
  20. My prayers are with your grandmother.

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