I have to pee

Discussion in 'General' started by Apollyon1325, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. But I don't want to get up. What do?:hippie:
  2. just make sure you are able to spray the urine away from where you are sitting, you should be fine.
  3. Still going to be a trail leading back to me you know when the pressure starts going down.
  4. Piss yourself.
  5. Only I would feel the warmth it brings but everyone could see it.
  6. You brollin tro?

  7. No really have to pee
  8. Punch a hole in ur walll and pee in it.
  9. ..........and the award for the lamest thread in GC goes to!!!!!!

    seriously dude just go to the bathroom :rolleyes:

  10. You can urinate in my cupped hands then
  11. Got a bottle/can? Or a window?

  12. I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful bromance.

  13. At least I finally have an award.
  14. Invest in some adult diapers

    But for this time, get up and pee. Then while you're already up, go to the store to get said diapers, then this problem will never occur again.
  15. Brilliant cheerios brilliant.

  16. hey, it made me laugh :) Get up and pee... it will feel sooo good, then while you're up, you can get some food and drink, ya know :)

  17. Same here, I don't know how to fix this problem as well.
  18. 1. Open urethra

    2. Insert catheter

    3. ?????

    4. Profit.
  19. Yo I have to pee also! But I just rolled a joint, and it's gonna postpone my ascension! (writting this post[pone] too, by the way)

    But... So many people seem to have to pee at the same time! So weird! Is it, like, National Pee Day? Or simply Pee Day (you know we all live in different countries), but "Pee Day" would make sense, as tomorrow is Pay Day... and you know what they say... "Pee don't go without pay BBRRRAAAA BBBBBRRRAAA!!"

    We should all meet up and eat Pee Soup


    International Pee.
    Pipi International.
    Pipi en espanol International.
    Huichong Pee Ching chong Lee.
  20. Just to keep everybody in the loop..I peed. I even made it to the rest room then I made egg in a basket and life is good.

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