I have these dots on my leaves , Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Burningcherry, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. So im doing my first outdoor grow and everything is going fine. Plants are looking healthy and I am extremely happy with the outcome so far. But on a lot of the lower leaves and inside leaves I am finding these clusters of white almost light green dots. I asked a couple of fellow growers and they seem to be having the same issue. I'm thinking it's a deficienty of some sort. Any thoughts or ideas? Much appreciated -BurningCherry

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  2. With that pic it's difficult to tell. It almost looks like thrip damage, but idk for sure. Are you feeding her nutes?
  3. Yea I give her grunge rasta supersonic plant tonic and lickety split and seaweed extract . twice a week . I had a buddy who's kinda having the same problem but were like 99% sure it's not thrips. I was thinking it's a deficiency of some sort. Its dark out right now but I'll repost another pic tomorrow
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  4. Gringo rasta***
  5. Possibly^ check the underside of your leaves for black dots or small webs

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  6. I checked there's not a lot of dots . there are for sure mites but I clipped the worst leaves and I sprayed captain Jack on the underside of the leaves . good looking tho I appreciate it. This is my first out door grow . never had the space until now. So theres some kinks I gotta work out . I only did indoor up until,now

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  7. Looks like mold to me. What's the temp/humidity in your grow space? Do you have good air movement around your plants down on their level aside from any fans you have going elsewhere? If your humidity is too high and you're getting mold, you need to get more air movement going around those plants. You always need strong air movement around them. It strengthens them as well as disperses heat. But that's my guess. If it'll rub off, it's likely white powdery mold and you can make up a weak solution of whole milk and water and spray the leaves with it...and get the humidity down in your space. TWW
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  8. He's doing an outdoor grow bro..
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