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i have the right to cannabis

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mattlloyd, May 15, 2010.

  1. Humans are not the reason for natures existence.Every being has an equal right to every natural thing on this earth. Why must you take my ganja away:(
  2. Because the government is a bunch of retards. THey dont understand how much money they could get from legalizing it, and crime will cut down too.
  3. Because in exchange for security and services you give up some natural rights to live in society. And society says its bad.... sigh.... Even if you own your own island the governement would probably still consider your island part of the country and use that as an excuse to take it away :(
  4. because the ganja opens your mind your third eye so big brother knows this and despite the economic advantages for him he keeps it away from you

    think about it
  5. deep, son
  6. nobody took my weed away:smoking:

    sure laws suck...but very very easy to ignore and not get caught...I mean hell weed is more accessible in my state than alcohol...can u buy alcohol after midnight? no...I can buy weed whenever I dealers arent closed on sundays either.

    nobody took anything away, and they never can....its called weed because it grows like one, it will never be eradicated
  7. yah man :hello:

    my right to get ma smoke on !
  8. i don't care about how much govt. would make money, to me legalization is about the fundamental right that all humans have as equal inhabitants of this planet to do what they please as long as it doesn't put anybody else in trouble and me smoking weed is certainly not putting anyone in trouble, so why couldn't i? i was born on this planet the same way the motherfuckin prime minister (or president lol) did so why does he get to decide that i can't smoke that but that i can smoke that, it's none of his business.

    i think that as long as what i do doesn't affect any other human being, i (and we all) should be entitled to do as we please.

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