I have Support for Ron Paul...what the hell?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kesseler, May 10, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I will start off by saying that i have NEVER in my life supported a conservative candidate. But I've been reading up on Ron Paul, and I mean, this guy seems decent.

    He supports legalization of narcotics on a state by state basis (including marijuana :D), gay marriage, revising don't ask don't tell, opposes torture, the death penalty, the draft.

    I mean, I really haven't read up much about him, I'm not making an informed decision here. Can anyone who does know what he stands for explain?
  2. hes a libertarian which is close enough for me :)
  3. He's for the Constitution. If the Federal government wants to do things like prohibit drugs, police the world and provide free school and health care, then the Constitution has to be amended to say that.

    As it stands, all of those things are up to the states to decide as per the 10th amendment.

    His personal philosophy is libertarian, meaning he doesn't think the state should be involved in providing positive rights, and if they do it should only be at the local level where you are best represented. He also doesn't support the income tax and would rather the government fund itself on other means like, user fees and excise taxes.

    As President his personal philosophy would only work so far as to veto bills passed by less than 2/3rds of congress, and he would be able to redirect the troops and agencies like DEA to cease and desist.
  4. Tell your friends, or really, everyone you meet and know. Or I'll eat your dog.
  5. Ehh I would keep lookin into him. Yes he's a solid guy and a OG but he definitely has some weird fringe views.
  6. He's cool, but he's not necessarily for taking those who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

    Yes, I'm all for socialism.
  7. I'll keep reading on how he voted while he was on our payroll...see if he does as he says, or just spouts what will get him a vote.;)

    no offense, I do that with any politician. I don't trust them, any of them.:eek:
  8. I felt the exact same way until I did a bunch of research on Ron Paul. He seems to be the only politician that sticks to his guns and hasn't changed his stance in over 20 years. He is the ONLY politician I trust to not fuck me.
  9. Go ahead and eat my dog. I buried him 6 months ago.
  10. The only people who don't support Ron Paul for President don't understand our political system and confuse "President" for "King".

  11. In that case, your ass is really going to hurt when he nails you. Thats one thing that every politician has in common....a desire to fuck their constituents.
  12. I love Ron Paul. I'm a big supporter of the idea of Libertarianism but I'm not so sure if it would work in a country like ours. I by nature am a fiscal and monetary conservative and social progressive. I agree with about 85-90% of his viewpoints. Unfortunately, he lacks the mass appeal to be elected to office.
  13. No political system ACTUALLY works in our country, its a matter of which one fucks up less.
  14. That's what I'm saying.

    Philosophically I'm a socialist.
    But I find myself pulling for the libertarian. . .
  15. Would you care to elaborate? I've looked into Ron Paul pretty well and while many of his policies aren't in align with mainstream politics, they make sense and may actually benefit our country. Mainstream politics has gotten us into a never ending war, trillions of debt, and a terrible economy. Time for some real change, not "obama" or mainstream change.

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