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  1. I took my 9 year old daughter out today for some one on one time. We went out of state, across the bridge to Indiana to go shopping for Fall/Winter clothes. After we finished our shopping, we decided to stop somewhere to eat. We both like Mexican, and we found a nice place close to the shopping center.

    The atmosphere was nice, lots of pretty things on the tables and walls. The food was excellent! It was so good, in fact, that I placed an order to go for my husband to have when he gets home later. The only problem was the people sitting behind us. The booths were tall, so I couldn't really see the people talking. Unfortunately, I could hear them just fine.

    Apparently, the woman, who did most of the blabbing, had read an article that gave, what she called, "a glowing admiration, and support" for the movement to legalize cannabis. She kept talking about Prop 19 in California, and how "horrible" it must be to live in a state like that. I swear, she spouted every line of bullshit propaganda every printed, or released by the media since 1937.

    I tried to tune her out, but this went on through the entire meal, and all the time we had to wait for our meal. Finally, it suddenly seemed quieter, so I assumed they had left. My daughter and I took our ticket, and went to the register to pay, when I could hear the woman talking again from behind me...and she was still talking about the article! I couldn't take it anymore. I spun around with something to say, and the conversation went like this, and I said it all very nicely...

    Me: Ma'am, would you like to hear some numbers to put with your statistics?

    Woman: Why, yes, I would!

    Man at register is holding my change, listening, and other people behind me lean in too.

    Me: In the U.S., 8,000 deaths per year are contributed to asprin related circumstances. 85,000 deaths are recorded each year for alcohol related circumstances. 435,000 deaths per year are contributed to tobacco related circumstances. Guess how many deaths there are each year in the US caused by that nasty cannabis?

    Two people behind me snickered.

    Woman: How many? How many!?!

    I put all my fingers together in the shape of a big O, and raised my hands over my head. Then, I said...

    Me: Zero.

    I kept my hands there for a moment, digits curved into this O, to be sure she got my point. Then, my little girl looks up at me, and she puts her fingers into the shape of an O over her head. After that, about 15 more people in the restaurant did the same thing. I got chills!! It was like something out of a movie. I left that place feeling so good. I hope I made that lady's day. :D

    I'm tired of it, y'all. I'm tired of being "in the closet" about cannabis. My mouth runneth over! :smoke:
  2. Haha, that's awesome!
  3. You ROCK Pearl:yay:

    For remembering to place an order for your Hubby:p

    And for the speaking out thing? You TOTALLY ROCK!:smoke:
  4. Who ever you are.
    YOU FUCKING ROCK. :hello: :hello: :smoke:
  5. Haha thats awesome!! Mad props.
  6. Thats great!

    What did the women say afterwords?
  7. yes, great move...did she have anything to say to that? This world cannot see the travesty, alas!
  8. Why to set a good example for ur daughter.

    And i mean that in a god way. I wish my mom stood up and told people off like that who were being blatantly ignorant. Not everyone has those cajones. good job
  9. I always remember my hubby. :love:

    But the woman didn't have anything to say afterwards. She honestly looked confused. The guy who was with her just looked at me.
  10. You are awesome and I thanketh thee
  11. You said you crossed the bridge to Indiana... The one in downtown Louisville, perhaps? ;) Also, way to go.. I bet you felt amazing.. :3
  12. Nawh dude, we're always talking about how it annoys us that people are ignorant. Why let someone who is wrong think they're right when you can just teach them the truth.

    Kudos to you though, that really is awesome, if everyone knew the truth it'd be legal.:smoke:
  13. awesome job Southern Yankee! SOunds like ur a true world war 5th bregade!!

    shell be comin around the mountain when she comeeessss
  14. You're my hero now. like dont even realize how awestruck i would have been if i was there.
  15. If this was a facebook status i would "like" it
  16. I would rep you pearl but it wont let me yet haha.:smoke:
  17. That's awesome.
    If I was the restaurant manager and I heard that, I would've
    treated you to a free meal! Hell to the yes!

    I think you're just too badass sometimes. Hah.
  18. Thank you all so much. I'm blushing, and I think I'm gonna cry. :eek: :p

    Tell ya what I've learned as I've gotten older. One, your THC tolerence goes up, but your tolerence for BS goes way down. ;)

  19. [​IMG]
  20. Good job!

    Too bad this doesn't happen more often... Hopefully that lady won't be as ignorant from now on.

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