I have returned. Uh oh.

Discussion in 'General' started by CLKWRK, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. A lot of shit has happened since i disappeared from the boards. (though many might not remember me, or not care) Got out of the military, had a child (right? me? last person who should have a kid huh?) and am now trying to reboot my life to where i want it to be.

    Went to jail for 2 months. Found God. Also realized i fall into old habits easily and that its hard to actually change even if one wants to. But what can one do? keep trying i feel.

    MY perspectives have shifted a bit. I'm probably not in the right mind to describe how they changed but let's just say i'm not the same i was before. Am i better? I can't say. Am I worse? I really would hope not, but can't tell either.

    I will say though after re-reading some old posts....i don't have the fondest of memories of the boards. I got some good ones, yes. But a lot of mental anguish and treason upon myself. Maybe that has changed. We shall see. Don't expect much from me as of late as my processes still need to boot up.

    Still find the Flow easy to get into and exit. Never changed much with that lol. Man remember walking down the street high as hell and just zoning on some tunes. Miss those days sometimes. I had worries, but not like this. though these worries i'm keeping in check. Got better with my anxiety i think.

    Well thats about it for now. Peace Y'all. Keep the good tiding going,
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  2. I only joined a year and a half ago or something along those lines, but good to hear you're back! I know how you feel, completely relatable but I won't get into it now, hopefully things look up more, it sounds like you're in a better situation but I probably shouldn't comment on that, welcome back man! :)
  3. I remember you. I just recently came back to the city as well. You're the Army cook guy, right?
  4. Right on.
  5. I am.

    For a bit of an update, I'm now in a 1 year program at a technical college for Welding. I started in January and should be graduating in Dec, if all goes well. Am working part time as a dish washer, and as it seems right now, I'll be getting married in thee future. So I'll have the ability to get into a union, a Wife and 2 children.

    I see things looking up in the future. I see what happened in the past as more of a rebellious period where acceptance of time moving forward wasn't wanted.
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  6. If you own up to it, the kids will keep you on the up and up.

    Carry on, Garth.
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  7. I remember you from way back in the day, welcome back :wave:
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  8. welcome back
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  9. Welcome back.

    Life is a funny thing, we can only keep on keeping on.
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