I have questions concerning lights and yields for my first indoor grow project.

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  1. I am thinking about buying to 600 watt HPS lights with digital ballasts off the internet here soon, and I have some good seeds that i ordered off the internet a few months ago and i am going to build a large closet size grow room somewhere on my premises which i'm hoping to properly ventilate and seal off and pretty much go all out!(what ever suggestions people give me :).) I suppose my question is how many plants should i have growing under that that much wattage and how much do u think my yields might be?!.. thanks for any suggestions what so ever, PEACE:smoking:
  2. Need more info.....how big is the growing area?

    What is the strain of the seeds?
  3. 1st of all how do you know there good seeds.

    2nd what size grow room you going to have.

    3rd you said your new so not much of a yield.but you never know.and it depends on strain.and how good a grower you are.

    but if you have a growroom of 1.2mx1.2mx2m about 16 plants depends on strain.

    dont let me put you off but theres joys and sorrows to this
  4. I'd say the space i have is about 6 feet long and 4 feet wide and at least 15 feet high but when i build the room i'll bring the ceiling down to about 8 or 9 feet. I have widow skunk, shiva medical and hindu kush medical. and regarding the yields would it at least be an ounce per plant?

  5. If you make the room 6x4x9.....that would be a pretty good size for the lights you wanna use.

    If you grew them hydroponically in 5 gallon buckets & used Grodan as the medium, & fed them the right amount of nutes, you could easily pull 1oz per plant.

    The Widow Skunk might even yield 2oz's or more per plant. The bud in my sig, is from a Shiva Skunk, & I got 5 oz's per plant with that strain.

    If the 1000 watt digital ballasts aren't that much more than the 600, then totally get em'. Your plants will take off & grow insanely fast & big with that much light.

    You have to make sure that you can exhaust the heat out of the room though. Are these lights you are buying air-cooled?
  6. it said that it "may" be aircooled?! I dont know what that means but i habe a fan and ducting attached to it, Is that good enough? and i was just planning on using soil, how expensive would a hydoponic system cost?
  7. Which of these would u recomend?
  8. I recommend you look at the How to Build a Bubble-Bucket sticky. You have enough space to grow like Rumpleforeskin. Once you get quality down you won't have to worry about quantity. Also read up on cloning if you want to keep those strains going.
  9. I'd get the waterfarm any day....

    That is exactly what I used when I got that huge bud I am holding. It grows plants big & fast. One thing though, is you absolutely HAVE to keep the reservoir OUTSIDE the grow room, or use a water chiller to avoid your res. getting too hot.

    If your res. gets too hot, you'll end up with pythium root rot, destroying your whole crop. One you get it, it is nearly impossible to get rid of.

    You might also wanna consider doing a DWC. You can grow awesome plants with a DWC as well.
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    What is DWC?

    I'm doing my first grow weeded out my boys yesterday ended up with one lady.

    Growing just mid grade seeds. Very potent just not sure of the strain.
    here is my lady she is three days into flowering sex showed like after two days 12/12 she veged for around 70 days ahe is about 73 days old. she was started with cfl lights in a box and moved to a closet with her brothers unfortunately lol, and grown under 70 watt hps a 42 watt cfl floating in the middle I just added a 26 watt cfl light at the base for under growth. I think thats plenty of looms for a 2 by 3 linen closet. got air pulled in and out with fans.
    Not going big but sucessful so far she's ALIVE lol. She topped wierd. notice she has three large tops instead of two or for. My boys popped out like 8 and 9 tops wish they had been girls.
    She was just transplanted to finish her flowering stage. outta the little pot which was well past due for bigger pot. 5 gallon auto-watering pot.
  11. Ok well I live in a pretty hot climate so i'd prolly wanna get a water cooler and i'm sure ill need to buy a small airconditioning unit to put in the room too. And yeah im not familiar with DWC. i'll have to look into it.

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