i have one of the greatest jobs!

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  1. well i work at a carwash and have been workin on just the weekends for about a month now

    anyways to day (satruday) is our busy day so me and a bunch of co workers were pretty tired once the day was over. were all potheads seeing as how we work at a carwash lol

    someone mentions beer and were like ya lets get a case. so we all pitch like 4 bux and pick a 20 case of budweiser

    so our manager is just chillin there watchin us drink and load bowls hah then hes like alright everyone has to go outside its closin time.

    so we moved the party out to the patio and chilled there and drank our beer and smoked bowls hah mind you this all took place like right outside the front doors of one of the most well known car washes in my lil town hah

    sorry if this didnt make much sense all this just happend like a half hour ago lol
  2. Thas the shit. Ive had jobs like that.

    Im actually bout to get a job at a car wash.

  3. hell ya dude car washes are where its at i get free drinks, free munchies and all the of course free washes hah

    good luck gettin that job! if its anything like the other car washes around here they deff wont test lol
  4. Haha hell yeah.

    I work at the movies. Me and my buddies I work with all smoke, I mean ALL. Even the managers. And since the movie theaters don't drug test, the staff like to get high after a long days work. We'd toke up and then go watch a movie. I love it.
  5. haha thats tight

    tomorrow im going to talk to the guys that i was chillin with today and ask them if they wanna do that every saturday haha
  6. i used to detail limos and shit never smoked the boss would have killed me
  7. Lol got a new job this week and just learned that there's only 2 people staffed right now that DONT smoke
  8. all my co workers blaze like their not gonna see tommoorow thats why im high right now
  9. Pizza joints pwn car washes all the kids that work in car washes in my city are doushe bags. My dad owns a pizza place and i'm 18 and right now i'm like the manager i work 48 hrs weeks but so much food and can smoke whenver i want. with these cool black guys i work with.
  10. I work in corporate america, so all my coworkers make fun of stoners... while they go home and get drunk.

    So yeah, to them, I'm goodie good. I don't drink (hate the feeling) and i don't smoke cigarettes, and as far as they know, I'm not a stoner.... so this kind of sucks. lol. So yeah. but hey, maybe they're just like me... since it's corporate america, they keep it under wraps. Hrm.... I know they've had to have tried it when they were younger, but it sucks cuz they always talk down about stoners, and it's like, if they only knew i was one. I'm the best non-management employee they have, and they mention that to me like daily. So I just wish I could just change their minds about stoners.

    I'm not sure what a good conclusion to this post might be, so... fuck it; let's get high.
  11. I'm not sure if there is a better conclusion than that. ;)
  12. If you aren't going to stand up for what you believe, you should at least talk about us in the 3rd person. "Please don't make generalizations like that. My close friend smokes all the time, and lives just the same lifestyle you do (that's if you live similar lifestyle to them)" I don't know if it's just me, but I hate when people think they are right, but are very wrong. :smoking:

    Sorry if this came across harsh.
  13. sounds pretty chill, my job has to the easist job in america though(receptionist for the literacy council), this is my daily routine at work, sit behind a desk and fuck around on GC, answer a few phone call(hardly any, all i goota do is say thank you for callin durham literacy center, how may i transfer your call!!!)around 5:30 the phone doesnt ring anymore(at all) so i let managment know im bout to go get some ''food'', walk like 30 seconds down the road to my boys house and chill and smoke and drink for an hour,walk back, fuck around on GC some more till 8:00, then i leave, i love my job,and ohh yeah i get paid $10 an hour, its fuckin great!!!!
  14. man your so lucky :p be thankful and keep it for a long time
  15. oh i plan on staying there for a long while lol

    turns out one of the dudes i work with has a really good hook for some bud

    and i ended up getting hoked up with a half for 120 so ya this place is cool hah

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