I have no idea at this point, could be fungus/mold. PICS

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  1. Hello all~

    Thank you for looking I have learned a lot from this site! I am having a problem that started on my lower fan leaves and is now spreading up the to the top of one plant.

    THey are skunk #1 seeds that have been in my refridgerator for a year! In canna coco been vegging for 1 month ppms are 800 (which is low) and when I checked the ph the canna way it was 6.7, so I flushed with two gallons of 5.4 water ppm 600. That was today..

    They have been given full canna coco nutes plus some cal mg under 1000w 18/6 scrog

    I have ladybugs in there now, I have seen some thrips. I put up some thrip traps as well and have been spraying neem weekly..

    Are theses bugs? FUNGUS!!! MY RH IS LESS THAN 15%!!!


    Could be ph..

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  2. Hi maybe I should provide some more info. There are 4 skunk #1 but only two that have this problem severly, the other two are slowly starting to show the same signs. In 5 gal pots

    They were bought from Attitude and sent over, where they lived in my fridge for a year. I germed them in coco and they had been doing really well. Then they started to show some signs of nute burn (I was at 900ppm) so flushed twice then I backed off to 650 for a few feedings and am now back up to 800 ppm. Handwatering every 4 days. Ph between 5.7-6.2. I checked the ph of the plants that are healthy and it was 6.1, the ph of the plant in the picture was 6.7! Could be ph I flushed with 2 gallons of ppm 650 ph 5.4

    I then started to notice some thrips so I started using neem oil and placed some blue thrip traps near the leaves, have not seen any thrips since the neem started but I still do see some damage..

    I bought 5000 lady bugs and let them go two days ago, most died some are still alive which I guess means they found some food aka bugs.

    So again my RH is less than 15%, I give the plants a foliar feed every morning and they seem to love it, new light green growth every day! I just cannot figure this one out, it starts from the bottom and works its way up, it is not affecting the top leaves.

    Let me know if I left anything off, sorry if the camera phone pics suck! PleaSE help! I dont think its nute burn..
  3. It looks as if you may have a phosphorus deficiency, most likely due to ph. Make sure your ph in the coco is 5.6-5.9 for it is a closer relative to hydro than it is to soil. Neem oil has decent anti-fungal properties and will help prevent any fungus, but I don't think that is the issue. Ladybugs are decent predators if aphids are present, but they will be useless to battle mites or thrips unless you get a different species. If you are interested in predatory pest control, just let me know and I will give you the skinny. If the issue is fungal, perhaps back off on the foilar a bit, maybe just do it once a week, to lower the RH in areas surrounding the stomata of your leaves. This will aid in gas exchanges and increase photosynthesis. Let us know how it works out. Peace
  4. Hi thank you for your the response DrTrichome, I just started the foliar feeding 3 days ago when the plant was getting really bad. I did not know that neem has anti fungal that is good to know.

    I will look into phosphorus def and will adjust my ph from now on to what you said.

    Can anyone else confirm of deny the claim that it is a phosphorus def?

    Thanks again drtri
  5. I usually see this in coco when it's time for a flush. You flushed with 600ppm water? With nutes I take it? I'm not a believer in using nute'd water for flushing so I can't say if this helps or hurts. I flush mine with RO and just ph the last gallon. If you look at the runoff in coco, the ppm is a handy thing to look at. I flush mine until it's under 100ppm let it dry out for a day or two then feed with a micro blast (in my case, Maxicrop) then resume normal feeding.

    If it's on the older leaves then it may just be an older problem (the rest of the plant looks great!). If it's not spreading then you might be OK.

    My 2nd guess would be a P def as well, in coco a high ph can lock it out.

    Hope this helps some!

  6. Yes I agree you should flush with pure water and then add nutrients to assure you break down any salts that may be locking out some minerals. Solid
  7. Hi yes I put 8ml of Canna Coco A and 8ml of Canna Coco B then phed the water to 5.5. The reason I did was I have been talking with a rep from Canna and he says to flush with 600ppm.

    I will flush like you say tho tonight just to be sure..

    It is starting to spread to the top of the plant..

    What do you mean feed it with a microblast?

    Thank you again
  8. There is a train of thought that flushes with pure water are bad because it causes stress, this may be why they recommended adding nutes. Personally I've never seen plants stress from a water flush. Especially in coco, I don't see them stress much at all, even at transplant.

    Anyhow, microblast just means a feeding with micro nutrients. I do this to get the party rolling after a flush. In my case it's Maxicrop (liquid seaweed), but a Fox Farms equivalent is Big Bloom for example. I'm not familiar enough with the canna line to know if they have one, but your regular nutes should have the micros, I just like to give an extra healthy dose.

    Good luck! Coco builds salts pretty easily so a good flush every 4 weeks or so is a good thing.

  9. Thank I will stop by the hydro store and get some Maxicrop its fairly cheap. The plants are in 5 gals pots, does that mean I need to flush with 15 gallons where the last one is phed and has maxicrop?

    Thanks again!! I hope this is it I have been working really hard to make sure these lady grow nice and strong
  10. If you have a TDS/EC meter, you can use that to tell when your flush is done. Normally coco only needs a 1:1 ratio for a flush in my exp., but if you don't have the meter then I think 2:1 is fine to be sure (10 gals). But yeah in soil your looking at 2:1 or 3:1 for sure.

    I normally don't add Maxicrop until after the flush - on the next watering - but I don't see any problem adding it to the last gallon of the flush. I can't tell ya how much I love that stuff, plants seem to perk up by the next day usually.

  11. Yep I do have a TDS/EC meter. You said I am looking for ppm of less than 100?

  12. That's what I shoot for if using RO (I get it down to 67ppm usually). You can make your own threshold, I suggest < 100ppm if you can, < 200ppm at least.

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