I have no friends..

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  1. pls dont tell me what i can and cant do, thx.

    edit: sorry man i didnt mean to offend you with the quotes, not my intentions(more directing my post), ive had a relationship with a very close friends from the age of five, i still know and talk to him. yeah, some do, but if you want them to last you choose the ones that make it though.
  2. Oh, so you are under 30 and have no clue....:( !
    You must be offended too.....you poor dear.

    Like I said, you have no clue!
    I mean the directions clearly stated..."no offence"
  3. yeah! you did it man! you proved your worth to yourself...pat yourself on the back,
    well congrat-u fucking lations! your just a douche bag afraid oh your own stupidity creeping on you. get a life.

    edit:'I mean the directions clearly stated..."no offence"'

    does that mean you also think yourself so high up that you are giving orders? well there is your problem, people want to be accepted, if you order them to do things. they wont want to stay around. we should aim this help thread towards you.

    Watch the name-calling! *RMJL
  4. Oh, let me get you a whipie or a tissue! I can barely see through the tears! Has your diaper been changed lately?:smoking: Peace, ya' wacko lib.....TBug

    The disrespect in this post is uncool! *RMJL
  5. lmao, peace :smoking:
  6. Aww man... this was just getting interesting too.

    T.Bug -vs- naku06

  7. lol, was'nt it though? I feel so...."unsatisfied"....
  8. sweet Mary Jane will always be your friend man, she'll always be there for you when your down
  9. im pretty pissed right now too, theirs a bumpin party a block away at this kids hosue who ive known forever, but my friend who has problems with alot of that kids friends couldnt find a ride pplus he just smoked us up kinda so we stayed wtih him adn couldnt go.
  10. Hey, I have no friends either.
  11. Finding friends from parties, or what not can suck too.. You just start to meet people. Meet 1 person that is cool with you and become good friends and get in the circle and meet others that way... I don't know though, Ive had that problem when I was younger when my family would move. I moved 3 times when I was younger and it sucked and I would become alone, soo alone :( . I only have a few really good friends and the rest are just go to parties with, chill at there house sometimes but someone that I could goto and talk to.
  12. I made that thread:D
  13. the only way to make true long lasting friends is to find activitys and interests you have and go out to those places and meet people. and dont worry bout that elitist dude whos 30 and all high and mighty. when i was working as a mechanic the guys i worked with (i was the youngest) were like 30-50 and stupid as fuck. anyone who does have to come on your thread and announce that he knows more and you cant talk to him is a duooooch :wave: but like i was saying man. find out what type of character you want your friends to have too. what i mean is dont invite a fucking stranger in your home they may want to hurt or take control of your life. theres a whole class of people who are itching to find a pot grower so they can fuck with them and get free pot. in my area anyways. and again. you wont meet decent people who are deep or what your looking for at the bar. maby a party like one otherguy said but dont spark a blunt up for them lol just start chatting to somone. if they want to be your friends they will be no matter if you give them stuff or not. and if you dont know somone and start handing stuff out they might think your a chump and use you. and you wouldnt be (a chump) but thats just how backwords some people are.
  14. I've always been kinda lucky when it comes to friends, I've moved a lot but everytime I move I end up with a bunch of new friends.

    Making friends really depends on how old you are. You'd be surprised how many adults don't have friends, I am still young so I still have time to party and make friends.

    I am not yet an old uptight geezer...

    *crosses fingers and hopes that day never comes*

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