I have no friends..

Discussion in 'General' started by roorexpert2, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Go out to clubs and meet new people then.
  2. what is your definition of a friend? you might have some, without knowing it.
  3. We'll... come blaze me and we will be great friends
  4. where's the video? this thread is tagged as a video file.
  5. yeah, just go to a party, any party and bust out a fat blunt. You'll be everyones friend.:smoking:
  6. no one invites me to partys....

    im sorry for wasting forum space everyone, i just had to share..
  7. This thread seems like a plea for pity.
  8. you're tight dude, just crash parties, I've crashed like 5 billion high school grad parties in the past week, didn't even know them, and i've made tons of friends. and the guy who said it was right, bust out a blunt, and everyone will want to be your friend.
  9. haha this is funny.
  10. I saw this thread about some genetic pet.... maybe he can be your friend?

    Haha, no, but seriously - we're your friends man!!! :hello:

    There is plenty of love in The City.
  11. No one does, really. Yeah, we all think we do. But when it comes down to it, its every man/woman for his/her -self. (oh, notice I was trying to be politically correct ...for my friends) lol
    Friendships are like an old set of tires. There is only so much milege in them, then you are just riding on NUTHIN' BUT AIR!!!!!!:(

    Sorry for the bleak outlook folks, but i speak my mind.(whats left of it, anway! lol):D
  12. one good friend beats 30 regualr friends get your self some good friends
  13. lol, god thats funny! lol:D
  14. yea well its better to have tires. cars without tires sit around and die.
  15. Hey, everybody feels this way from time to time. Give him a break weasle!
    Yeah... what whoever said, WE are your friends! You dont have to be face-to-face to be friends any more. :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: .....see, look at that group of folks. they seem to be having fun! .....Peace, TBug
  16. its an analogy! get it?....... You're not supposed to tak it literly!
    but just to help ya' out, the analogy was to the rubber(the most important part of the tire.
    :devious: Peace, TBug
  17. :confused: hey?
  18. freindships are built up my man, the tires might wear out on some of them, but those that stay around,you want to keep.
  19. Of course. we would never trade in tires if there was still milage left.!? but admit it, many relationships fizzle!
    Oh..., and dont quote me unless you are over 30! Cause you kids have no clue!(no ofence, of course):cool:

    What? There wouldn't be an option for quoting if everyone wasn't allowed! *RMJL

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