i have made an amazing discovery

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. i have found out a way to cure a severe cold in about 2 days.

    for most of my life i have always got about 2-3 severe head colds a year. it would usually take about 1.5 weeks for me to start to get better.

    whenever i get a cold it will always start out that i'll wake up with a severe sore throat one morning. it will get slightly better throughout the day. By the next day the sore throat will be gone but replaced by extreme nasal congestion. this will last for about a week or so until i get better.

    trust me, i am utterly miserable like this.

    but i found a way to get better in about 2 days, at least it worked for me.

    since i knew a severe cold always starts out with a sore throat for me, when i woke up with a sore throat recently i knew a cold was coming. the morning i woke up (around 6 am) my throat was sore so i decided to go on a vitamin c regamin. i took 3 500mg tablets and went back to sleep. in the afternoon i took 3 more 500mg tablets and then 3 more in the evening and one before i went to bed. (overall 1600mg/day).

    the next morning when i woke up i was barely congested at all. i would usually be unable to even breathe through me nose and i would be feeling like shit. so i started the same regamin as outlined above for this day.

    next morning, i felt even better, but still slightly congested. so i went on the regamin about one more day and then the next morning i woke i felt completely fine.

    so if you'll start with the vitamin c regamin early as soon as you feel the cold coming on, it will decease the severity of the cold greatly as well as greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get better.
  2. vitamin C eh?

    i guess it helps the immune system fight off the virus.....cuz i dont see how it could relieve the symptoms by itself....hmm i wish i could take biology courses in uni:(
  3. when god has a cold, he uses Zicam.

    Edit: but yes, vitamins help your immune system immensley :)

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