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  1. i have many seeds in little red cups, a few have popped above ground. After a week or so, when i see which ones arent going to penetrate the soil, im going to get rid of them, and move the survivors into bigger pots, or in-ground holes which i have already dug. My question is: I have basic potting soil in the cups now, and i have a mix of humus, garden soil and perlite in the ground holes. Can i transplant the seedlings from the cups into the ground with the new type of soil - or will it shock them somehow? The soil is pretty good quality, i mixed a few good elements, but i was jus thinking that entering a new soil will stress the plants. should this be a worry...or not? again, i have tried to find the answer to this but have been unsuccessful. thanks
  2. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just try not to touch their roots, messing with their roots too much is whats going to shock them.
  3. yes, just cut the bottom of the cup off, place it in your hole, and then you can either let the roots grow down and then remove the cup, or you can cut it off right there and surround it with soil. Personally i like the second one. Hope this helps.

    - Vince

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