I have just figured out time travel!

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  1. I think time travel works like if you go faster than the speed of light then you will get somewhere in the past. Since everything you interpret is with light and stuff but if you go faster than light you are the fastest thing in the universe so you just get there faster than the light so you are seeing previous light that was there before light and space caught up to you so that would make it seem that the entire universe is moving at some insane speed way faster than light because where does the light end up? we dont know so that would be some crazy shit right there *****

  2. Read up on your Einstein. You can't go in the past.

    Think of it like this: If someone left the earth traveling at the speed of light and traveled to, say, gleise, (about 13 light years away I think, not really sure) then came back, there would be an amazing time shift into the future. The person would've only aged 26 years but the earth years would be something like 80 years into the future (these number are bull but I'm just making a point).

    You can't travel into the past.

    But...think of it this way. If we were like, on some other part of the universe, and had a telescope that was pointed directly on earth, we would be seeing the past events on earth because of how light travels.

  3. and

    you cant go in the future either, because even if u could go the speed of light, the gravitational force would crush you against whatever you were back against, cuz the g-forces we can obtain now are enough to potentially make you go unconscious, let alone the speed of light
  4. Yes I know, I was speaking hypothetically.

  5. You just figured it out or you just read it in the thread about german physicists and then posted about it? GC threads are getting so redundant.
  6. Idk, if you traveld for 26 light years and came back. The eart would not exist anymore. I cant back this up because i heard it bent on PBS.
  7. With our current technology, we cannot travel in time.

    But think about when the telephone came out. I imagine time travel, or travelling faster than the speed of light, could be the same way in the future.

    EDIT: But then again, we havent even discovered was the majority of our brain does. Maybe if someone were able to use 100% of your brain counciously, we could teleport or something. You never know. The mind is capable of great things.

  8. not really, if u just accerate at a slow enough speed you would be able to handle the force. Force = mass x acceration, not velocity, so if u accelerate slow the force would be managable

  9. I really do not care what Einstein had to say on the subject, many smart people once said that we would never be able to go faster than sound, people said men could never fly, people said we would never go to space... There is so much we do not know, making a definite statement like that strikes me as foolish. We like to use our limited knowledge to make absolute statements about the Universe. We are normally proven wrong when we do shit like that. :)
  10. sounds like a good theory but sorry to say that i dought i'd work
  11. being able to go faster then light would explain retro-causality.... but I'm way to blazed to even give a lesson on what people think that is.
  12. relativistic physics being discussed on a marijuana-user based forum...love it! :D

    it's all relative, man...go build that time machine and show us all what's up:hello:
  13. ok everyone gather round i took a class in high school about so called physics of time travel and the professor said that the only way to time travel was to take this drug called LSD . and thats how LSD was created . lol jk

    the real way to travel to the past is to smoke so much pot your going slower then time it self. ITS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I heard somewhere (I have absolutely no proof) that they put a man up in space orbiting the earth, backwards maybe idk but anyway he was a couple *seconds younger or older than everybody else his exact same age. Idk I'm sorry I can't be more informative.. I'm a little drunk :wave: But my point remains valid that time travel is plausible.
  15. I saw a video about this in my physics class last year...

    It said something about a potential theory for time travel having to do with wormholes, and how, if we figured out how to control them, we could place one somewhere, then move that at faster than light speed. What happens is that time slows down for you when you travel that fast, so you age more slowly. So we could use the two wormholes to travel back or forward in time. Sorry if you don't understand this, I'm pretty blazed, but I'm pretty sure it said something pretty close to that. :smoking:
  16. We don't know if light is the absolute fastest thing in the universe. There's this thing called entanglement, where protons split and spread at great distances reacted at the same time, stating that went faster than light.
  17. Well first of all, whats time?
  18. what we need is a time machine that wont have any negative effects on the user.

    yea itd be cool to go back to the middle ages, but if you had aged to that of an 80 year old by the time you got there, who would want to do it?
  19. I just took an astronomy class this semester and I just have to make a small correcton ans to when one refers to a "light year"

    a light year is not actually a measure for time, it is actually a measure of distance.

    to be precise a light year is according to Dictionary.com:

    1. Astronomy. the distance traversed by light in one mean solar year, about 5.88 trillion mi. (9.46 trillion km): used as a unit in measuring stellar distances. Abbreviation: lt-yr .

    So far scientists have not been able to discover any other object that travels faster than the speed of light.

    But here's some food for thought : When we are looking at the stars and plantets, we are actually looking at how those stars and planets looked billons of years ago, so we are looking into the past.

    Sounds crazy? I know but when my professor explained it it mankes sense, the jist of what was that the light that is emitted from the stars and planets takes billions of years to actually reach us, so when we are lookins at the stars, we are looking at the light that left that planet billions of years ago.
  20. There's no such thing as time travel.

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