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I have just bought a 400 w MH

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by paenk, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Okay, I have just bought a 400 watt metal halide light. I understand that MH is the best for the vegitation phase of the plant. When it gets to flowering I will switch to HPS. But right now the MH is still in the box, I want to know before I take it out and cannot return it, is this the right product for the job? I am also gonna start a grow journal soon ;)
  2. Here is a picture of it...

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  3. Thats one big ass light bulb lol. But anyways that should be great for veg. You can also flower with it but I would def reccomend the HPS over a MH for flowering. Good luck.
  4. I want to know before I take it out and cannot return it,

    lol @ the pic :p

  5. Yeah I am gonna assume that home depot will take it back either way.
  6. How did you make the picture if the bulb is still in the box..? lol :D
  7. Yes I took it out of the box :p they will take the bulb back either way, as long as I have the receipt and it's not broken :p
  8. Lol sorry for the double post, drainbamage made the same comment...blazin' on....... :D I think I can see you in the mirror btw, is it a mirror? :)

  9. Allright thanks. Now I can rest easy.
  10. Wait so you just got a bulb or do you haev the ballast to? i would say your better off buying a insidesun system off ebay for $120 shipped and buy a hm-hps conversion bulb so you can run the MH on the HPS ballast. Together it would run you about $200.

    Or you could buy a 400w for ~$100 and a 250 MH security light and remote ballast. Then make a reflector and you can run a veg/mom room and flower room. With this system you will never loose time in your flower box since you can pre veg your plants under the 250. And you can keep moms of your favorite plants under the 250.

  11. Well I presumed that I could buy the ballast at the same place I bought the light. But no, they don't carry one. I looked all over fucking town and found nothing. I went ot Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Walmart, Woodland Do-It Centre, Totem, to no avail. I really don't want to buy a ballast off of e-bay.

    My thoughts were I could reuse the same ballast for the HPS lights as well as the MH. Fuck this whole scenario is pissing me off. Any one know of good department stores that are sure to carry ballasts?
  12. youre going to have to order one, you can keep your mh bulb as a backup or return it

  13. You dead sure I have to order a set? Fuck, that's gonna destroy my funds. What about buying from the source. The ballasts are the same they use in big buildings.
  14. I have done a LOT of searching, and I think this will be my best bet. It is simple, and I will be able to spot weld on a top shield. I will get chains and hang it from the top of my closet. It supports High Pressure Sodium and MH so I can switch it around when I go into flowering. Thoughts anyone?
  15. You still need the ballasts.

  16. Damnit.
  17. Home Depot should carry 150 watt hps "security" lights. They're made by a company called Regent. And run about 100 bucks here in the states.......

    With a little handy work, that could make an awesome grow light for a space 2' x 2' (or less). You could easier grow 4 plants in that, and at a half a plant, that's 2 ounces.

    If you're deadset on not ordering one, then that's probally you're best bet..... If you're yeilds aren't enough or you want a bigger grow, you could always buy more 150's......

  18. Well I have a 400W Metal Halide light bulb. What I don't have is the ballast. The adaptor is something I will look into. I am going to look for a ballast that takes both. Buying two ballasts would be a waste of money if I don't have to. While I am not super ass poor right now, I would like to make my own reflector. I want to cut back on costs as much as possible.
  19. You can buy a swichable ballast or just use a hps ballast with a conversion bulb.

  20. Well I have changed plans. I am growing outside now, my rents while cool with the growing part (I have smoked with them before and I thought it would be cool so I induldged with them) they refuse to let me operate large lights in a single closet, and they told me if I do so I would be -ejected-. I am now forced to grow across a field in some tree-brush for the time being. It will work out though, because I have the required soil, and it's a desolate place that no one will think to look. Kinda pisses me off, I had everything set up. I am going to keep the bulbs though, because come winter and my rents have forgetten about all this I am going to grow inside.

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