I HAVE hypochondria (SUPPORT GROUP)

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  1. OK SO I FOUND OUT I HAVE hypochondria does anyone else on here have it? if so lets talk they say its good for us...
  2. Is that that shit where u constantly think u have some shit?
  3. ^ If that's the case then I have hypochondria
  4. picture sums it up

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  5. yea like you think you have something wrong with you but you really don't. And guy's it's not a funny thing to joke about...I also have panic attacks .
  6. ^ had a horrible panic attack the other night from accidentally hitting waaaay too much out of a grav bong.
  7. lol i have that but i think i really do have somethin wrong with me

    ^fuckin damn it but really i think i really got somethin wrong with me o_o
  8. So do i. Lol what do you think is wrong with you?
  9. do you have hypochondria or do you just THINK you have hypochondria?
  10. [quote name='"Broosh"']do you have hypochondria or do you just THINK you have hypochondria?[/quote]

    Wow mind fuck.....it just goes in circles
  11. hypochondriacs to me, are those kids in school that where always bitchin about every little thing so they could get out of class.

    c'mon! if your always anxious about every little thing. what the hell are you gunna do when something really happens and you need medical help? flop lifelessly around the room like a fish?
  12. I've developed hypochondria but I really don't know what to do about it. It started a few years back when doctors noticed my heart acting really weird. They ran a few tests for things like holes and what not, but they couldn't find out what was causing it. Eventually I just couldn't afford to keep going (still paying those medical bills years later), and they basically said "well we can't figure it out, but we think you should be okay". That didn't really do it for me though.

    So after a while I would get chest pains or notice my heart beating harder/faster than it should be and it would just freak me out. The whole thing made me pretty conscious about my health but I still kinda live a sketchy lifestyle. Then my mind started applying that uneasy feeling I got from chest pains to other things that happened with my body.

    Now when something is up with me it bugs me because it could be fuckin' anything, and I am too broke to afford insurance for a doctor visit to figure it out. I've learned to stop researching a lot of shit online too, because if I get a rash and look it up, the next thing I know I'm told I have cancer or AIDS or some other horrible ailment.. Which I don't take too seriously, but it still makes you kinda uneasy because you're trying to look up what you might have and you keep seeing the worst possibilities

  13. i think the nerves in your mind are gonna play tricks on your body.
  14. I have this too! I also have a panic disorder where after I get all these weird symptoms (heart palpatations/funniness, heavy breathing, numbness, nausea, headaches, intense fear/impending doom, derealization) that are apparently just anxiety, I start flipping the fuck out lol and think I am dying or have cancer or about to have a heart attack or something crazy and then I have a panic attack which makes it all a hell of a lot worse. It's just a bad cycle. I've been to ER and regular dr a million times and they do tests and I am fine. Though my health anxiety makes me not believe it sometimes. It's just all about staying positive and distracted. I'm gonna start going to a new Dr and a psychologist. Stay away from antidepressants! They made it worse for me. Natural is the way to go :)

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