I have heard it will work...FLOWER WITH FLOUROS..for you PAppa puff

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  1. I have heard that you CAN flower with flouros..but the buds won't be as dense...but what I'm asking is can I go from start to finish with floros??

    hanks guys
  2. Ave,

    I went from seed to where Im at now (just started flowering) with two 40 watt CW flouro tubes, been doing fine, there must be a definate advantage to using the HID's though, flowers are becoming apperant, 3 of them have developed pistils over the last two days....look at my pics under my threads (search suijuris) to see the complete grow..
    it definately will teach you how a plant works before spending the money on a light and other equipment.

    By the way, from start to finish its been about, oh.. close to two months perhaps a bit more, but that was using two 20 watts (one warm and one grow light) for about a month before i upgraded to two 40 CW bulbs, it made a noticable difference, so I wouldnt start with anything less then the 40's. I kept them about inch and a half away from the plant top at all times. occasionally, i tied the top down to expose the mid section to the much needed light, I think this helped it alot.

    good luck.
    Ave atque vale.
  3. Hey man,
    I have good news but a few minor implecations. You can grow from start to finish with fluoros and have a harvest. Although, your buds won't be very dense and tight and plants tend to reach for the fluoros making them long and skinny. Bad thing with fluoros is that you need a lot of light to use them and that they give off a good amount of heat which means you might consider a good venting system. Hope this helps with your dilemma.

    LSU Grower

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