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I have hard decision to make

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Raz68, Oct 9, 2014.

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    If it has to be between those two, I would hands down choose GLASS over ACRYLIC any day, no matter the size difference.
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  2. Bongs tend to be a little bigger. They hold more water and more smoke, so you have to suck a little harder to get a lot of smoke up. Water pipes are small, almost hand-held, they're just like regular pipes but have water in them, e.g. a bubbler would be a water pipe. Bongs and water pipes both have water, but bongs don't have a carb on them (instead they have a downstem and a slide or bowl), unlike a water pipe which has a carb and a builtin bowl.
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  3. get the glass always better also small bong = smoother big bong = bigger hits
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    Thanks guys for help, also should I get water pipe or this bubbler?
  5. im a bong man personally its preference at that point neither look like they have super thick glass
  6. This, make sure to get thick glass.
  7. save up for a little longer and get yourself a nice piece at your local headshop or aqualab....dont fux with cheap bongs my brotha. It will always be much more satisfying to own and smoke out of some nice glass even if you had to wait to get it. Get a pack of papes smoke through all of it and by that time youll have some more cash to get your piece bro!!!......actually not papes, thats wasteful. Get a pipe.
  8. The glass and wate pipe and water bong are same thing
  9. idk about you but i simply like using glass bongs better..
    carb holes are for pipes.

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