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I Have Had Back Pain For 3 Months Can I Get A Green Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by POWskier, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I went to the doctor today and he said that it looks like I have scaring on the muscles on my back due to constant re-injury. The scar tissue has now compressed nerves in my back so I have shitty pain consistently when sitting and if its bad it can suck to walk. Edibles take away all the pain and help me out a lot. I got all of this on my medical history and I am able to get a copy of it. Would I be able to get a medical card for my condition? Would I have a good chance of getting turned down?

  2. Most likely yeah hell I've heard they give out m cards to just about anyone

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  3. I thought you had to prove you tried treating it for at least a year..
  4. chronic pain is seeing a doc 3 or more times for the same least in my state
  5. Sorry man go back to your own country we dont give out green cards for back pain. Come here legally then we will see. :p
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  6. You should be good if you got medical records, just go in and tell the doctor that you've tried weed to help with the issues and you found it affective etc.
  7. Right on, I can just go to a medical marijuana clinic and get them to look at my medical records right?
  8. If you are in California- no problem! Any real medical condition, medical records, the cash and ID are all you need in California!  Other MMJ states are not quite as easy.
  9. I think washington is similar, my friend just told me I can get one for 75 with medical records present so it sounds prime. He got his for some sort of chronic pain.
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    In WA, the medical condition has to be physical, however some people recommend it for mental.And yeah have the doctor look over the records, and if he seems it appropriate he will recommend you MMJ

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