Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pablosmokes, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. How are you doing, Pablo?
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  2. Pablo if you don't mind me asking what were some of your symptoms? Me myself I have had a really rough dry cough and lingering cough that includes phlegm and sometimes when smoking to the point the coughing makes me puke a bit. I've had it for almost a month now. Been to the doc they said I ain't got it but I dunno man I never been coughing like this even when I get bronchitis.
  3. I'm wondering if pablo is intubated in a medically induced coma or if he dead. Damn pablo... they took him to soon.. fuckers....
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  5. Come on Pablo, we are pulling for you
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  6. Pablo hasn’t replied to his thread for a while now. I hope he’s ok tho.
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  7. Hello everyone! Woah! You guys made me so happy! Thank you for worrying...for everyone out there reading this...if you have/had Coronavirus write me! I just want to be there for everyone. At the beginning it was quite light but then it feel like shit...Im glad this is over. But the world, the Earth, everything changed so much...it feels like a different reality that we are tuning in...

    I wanted to add this: Rest in peace George Floyd! Its 2020 guys, what the hell? We should be on Mars by now or at least being able to buy tickets to go to a resort on the Moon, not killing each other like this! WE ARE ALL HUMANS LIVING ON THIS ORGANIC ROCK THAT IS JUST FLOATING IN SPACE! Just imagine how much things are occurring out there that we really need to be prepared for? We have to love each other more! That is the answer to advance to the next stage on this weird Universe!

    Love you guys, and this community. Im so happy that people actually make this sites:gc_rocks:<3
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  8. Glad to hear you're well, all the best friend.
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  9. Wishing you well, Take healthy and protein food. Be safe & take care
  10. How am I just Now Seeing this Thread? Anyways Wow that's Great to Hear you ok now @pablosmokes im Very Happy you Recovery from this.


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