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  1. Because I'm assuring him?
    Because I'm telling people not to worry about it too much and to self isolate so we can protect the elderly and the ill.. sure, I'm ded foo but would that stop me? No, sorry. I would rather be ded foo than encouraging the spread of this
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  2. You're paranoid, i wasn't talking about you i was talking about OP.

    If you're gonna take a random post in a forum personally the interwebz ain't for you.
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  3. Putting a word in CAPITALS doesn't make it any more true then writing it in lowercase lol

    I'm not arguing with you dude I posted proof.. so far you haven't posted anything with proof, you've just gone down the "I don't have any proof so I'll use capital letters" route.

    Post some proof & maybe people would believe what you're saying..

    The website I used is quiet real.. check any of today's news about the virus in the UK & it'll have them figures in there.
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  4. @pablosmokes sorry this discussion is going on in your thread bro.. hope you're doing okay :smoke:
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  5. Oh ok,Sorry mate. It's just because you directly commented on my post thats all
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  6. Your proof is not sufficient enough.. it's from a newspaper that WHO doesnt Support it. Sorry about that. Today's National Health services say it was 167 not 144 . You seem quite conscious about figures and losing the main point half way through.. My point is to stop people being drama queens, and to encourage the infected to stay home.. your point, well I don't know, about tomatoes .. to challenge me on numbers and to argue with me.

    Check WHO ( World Health Organisation) stats because your website has no resources that supports me, it's just not acknowledged globally
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  7. All good I'm not worried just thought I'd mention it wasn't directed at you.
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    Could just explain one thin to me, how in any world is a Gov website a newspaper??

    The website also hasn't updated yet so yes at this moment you're correct that the figures will be wrong:confused_2:

    Even if I do get the virus I won't be going out my house lol, I struggle to get out the house as it is so I'd be fucked if I tried & I had a virus lol
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    5 million? Where did you get that number? The UK is 66 million.

    The problem is if it goes endemic those ~100 deaths will be 100,000+

    EDIT: Nobody's thinking about the pressure on health sectors? Maybe where you're from but its all anyone is talking about in Canada. Lower the curve is being drilled into everyone here.
  10. youre just changing your argument and throwing out different numbers and different ideas than what was originally discussed.

    nobody was talking about 5 million people. we were talking about the total number of cases as compared to total number of deaths. which in fact you got wrong.

    also nobody was talking about flu or cancer or other diseases.

    i am also not someone who is panicking about this so you also made that narrative up out of nowhere. if you read my posts i actually say that i think the death rate is lower than what the numbers are saying due to the fact that many people have contracted the virus and didnt even know it, thus they wouldnt count towards the numbers.

    if you want to have a debate at least stick to the topic instead of trying to bounce all over the place so you can feel like you are correct.
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    First you were stating the deaths compared to known infections, and when that number was proved to be bs, you shifted to deaths by total population. If 144 have died out of 3269 known cases, that is 4.41%. Now, since you want to compare to populations, lets do it correctly. You say the population is 5 million. At a death rate of 4.41% that means if the total population were infected, it would likely result in 220,500 deaths which is 55.5k more than the yearly death rate of cancer, the UK's highest cause of death. It is also higher than the number of deaths to heart and lung disease in a year combined. Lets say that the population fairs better, and both the infection rate and death rate are cut in half. Then your death total is reduced to 55, 000, but is still higher than lung disease, and 3x more deadly than the flu on a bad year.
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  12. hope ya feel well.
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    Hello everyone. Man :( yesterday I saw 4 military trucks that were being escorted with 6 police cars and they passed right in front of my balcony. I did my research and this military trucks are carrying dead bodies! I dont know exactly where tho. Seeing that made me feel weird. People here on Italy are dying every day! 1 day its 600, the next day its 800 and so on! I feel f**** lucky to have the virus and still havent died yet. Did you know that the coronavirus can kill you no matter what? People are dying just having the coronavirus and they had no secondary illnesses or anything. Now they are saying that it can kill you no matter what age. This is scary...So eat healthy and stay safe people. This is going to change the world's dynamic forever
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  14. It's the weed you're smoking that's boosting your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells in your body. Let your ganja guide you through this illness.
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  15. Hang in there ,,, No offense but I don't know else to say. sorry , I hope for the best for you ..
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  16. Have you told your girlfriend yet?
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  17. According to Italy, where it is rampant, people without other illnesses, who contract this disease, have a 99% rate of recovery.
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  18. That sound way to optimistic. Source?
  19. I don't have the Italian report in front of me, but this is another one.
    When you see figures like 2-4% death rates, that includes many older citizens, who comprise the majority of sick people.

    "The chance of someone with symptomatic Covid-19 dying varied by age, confirming other studies. For those aged 15 to 44, the fatality rate was 0.5%, though it might have been as low as 0.1% or as high as 1.3%. For people 45 to 64, the fatality rate was also 0.5%, with a possible low of 0.2% and a possible high of 1.1%. For those over 64, it was 2.7%, with a low and high estimate of 1.5% and 4.7%.
    The chance of serious illness from coronavirus infection in younger people was so low, the scientists estimate a fatality rate of zero."
    Bold mine

    Lower death rate estimates for coronavirus provide glimmer of hope - STAT
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    That would be great if it ends up being true. This is a time that I wish I was a praying man. Best wishes to everyone.
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