I have come to the conclusion..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SkinnyHD, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Everybody just talks shit about everybody.
    Why is it that "most" humans this day & age feel the need to just spew hate and talk about superficial bullshit.
    Not that I am really effected by it.. but it doesnt make sense to me as to why somebody would instinctively do things like that.

  2. I dont know, I feel like less educated people are more like this. But then again, I've met some dumb people who were the nicest haha.

    Social media and entertainment news probably doesn't help either.

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  3. Because people used to risk getting popped in the mouth for talking bullshit, now they are all insulated from receiving the asswhippings they've earned either by stupid laws or the safety of the anonymity that the internet provides. You know who got those laws passed? The bitches that had asswhippings coming to them!
  4. I don't play that game.
    Although I will admit to have fallen in with the "pack"  in my younger days. Soon I woke up and realized that isn't/wasn't the type of person I wanted to become.
    They do it to have a "sense of belonging".
  5. same man, just grew up. Realized that that way of thinking was a waste of time, and I could invest my thoughts in deeper sense

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